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Against All Odds LF Jungler

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Hey their summoners!

Against All Odds has a opening for the Jungle position!

We are a very dedicated team in which is looking to play very competitively in season 3. We plan to be doing tournaments weekly, in hopes to rise to the top!

Current spots on the team

Ap mid: Tumystic
Top: Cascadethegreat
Ad Carry: Lolethal
Support: Boredofitall
Jungle: None

If you are interested either leave your information below, or contact me in game @ Tumystic

~1500 Elo
~ Able to communicate in Skype
~ open mind for criticism , as well as being able to critique others

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Gramma Jams



If you guys ever get your fifth. My team will gladly practice with you to improve both our teams. Message me in game (Meanzyzas) or post back on this thread if you are interested.