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yeah hi there
been playing for a while now just by the basics that aside
how to get gold faster i know there's something called creep score
but no what is it yes read the wiki
but didn't really get what it means
thanks for the help

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Focus on last hitting minions. If you are not last hitting them and your ally minions are getting the last hit, you don't get the gold.

For instance, if I'm playing Veigar, I'll watch all minions and when one gets low enough, I'll immediately throw out my Q ability to last hit and get the gold. That will also help level up my Q but that's champ specifics.

There are items in the game that you can buy to increase your gold generation, but practicing your last hitting will get you a good amount of gold in no time.

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Wait for your minions to wither down the enemy minions, then only attack the enemy minions when you know you will kill them for the last hit on them.
This gives you gold, and 'CS'
Usually, players who are bad at last hitting will play the role of Jungler, or support, and buy Gold Per 10 items. (GP10)
But I doubt that will still happen with the new jungle in the next patch