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The best way for summoner to be a manner player in a second.

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I'm Korean, And I can't speak English well...
So I have been given friend's hand.
Reading coments and correcting is very difficult.
Please you would consider it.


Look into cyphers, one of the korea’s online game, whenever you press c or v button, you can use a quick voice fuction.
all player can press this button to praise and appreciation instantly, when they are helped or see a nice play.
if character, Wesley, use recovery skill to me, I press c button and there would be “Thanks” on the chat and play a character’s voice to every member. There needs no more time but a second.
Also the v button. If your team fantastically contribute to a team fight, press ‘v’ and would be a “good” massage on chat and a voice. Just spend a second!
Anything else you can do is “help” this have been good in playing a game, too.

You must notice about that there is no quick voice to blame someone else.
Blame need more than 5 second but appreciation spend just a second. So, this system leads player positive thought.

Absolutely, appreciation system in lol, tribunal system is very good, I think.
When you play a game, if appreciation is easy, but blame is hard, Then it will be a more good battle field, isn’t it?