looking for a team of 5 to test out new meta ideas

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I want a team of 5 who is viable in playing at least 2 of these roles:

jungle, solo, mid, adc

I want to first test a duo-roam theory for a strong jungling squad. Consists of 2 solo champs top and bottom that can sustain a lane (even in 1v2), with a good mid that can sustain or dominate their lane. Two junglers will farm and gank in a single lane to suprise enemies and take out single lanes with ease.

I then want to make a kill lane theory
which consists of two bruisers/adc in one lane, a strong mid, junger, and support. This helps clear a lane in a 2v1 early game to keep the jungler at bay or ill-level the solo laner.

I am good with jungling and support while being an under-average adc.

Please comment or add me in LoL

IGN: Yazkin