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Why do we haveto SUFFER

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Sil3nt Swag

Junior Member


Title pretty much says it all. To keep it short the way the elo system is set up is incorrect, its not fair how good players are stuck between 1000-1400 simply because of afkers or trolls in team select. For example 6 of my first placement games were losses due to 4v5 games and 1 was even a 3v5. Then the losses continue when 2 people call the same roll and start raging and end up auto locking the same lane or an argument breaks out in champ select ending in troll picks... Its just so irritating that riot isnt doing anything to prevent this.

PLEASE FIX THIS. All I want and im sure im not the only one, is a good fair game with no trolls and afkers. I want us winning or losing to be determined by how we play the game not based on trolls and afkers and people with anger issues.

Foreveralone in 1k elo ='(