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rune advice

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So, I just hit level 30, I dont really think I'm ready to get into ranked but I thought I might as well go ahead and get prepared so I want to start making rune pages. I have no runes right now and the basic 2 rune pages (ill probably be buying the seven page bundle soon, is that a good idea?) To start off I was going to make a jungle page, I looked up some guides already but it all still seems a little confusing lol

So, my question here is, could anyone give me a basic summary over the whole idea of runes? are some better than others? Are there any I should I buy first? or any that I shouldn't think about buying at all? Any advice at all would be appreciated, thanks

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Certain runes are better than others in situations.

For example mid which standardly AP goes into it is better to run health seals instead of armour, this is due to the fact that the hp does help against both magic and AD where bottom lane you tend to take more AD damage it is better to run armour since its standardly AD.

The same can be said for Scaling V Flat rune pages. If you are going mid you would prefer flat because you are being hurt with magic from the start, although when you are playing AD chances are you will not be taking significant magic damage until later which scaling is better.

Flat = Number which is consistant through the game
Scaling = One which goes up as you level

I have only two rune pages which I use at 1500 which are pretty basic, although I do main AD.


/ = Next rune type(Order listed above).

AD Page: Attack damage(Flat)/Armour(Flat)/Magic resist(Scaling)/ Attack Damage(Flat)
AP Page: Magic pen(Flat)/ Armour(Flat), I should use health here/Magic Resist(Scaling), I should use flat here/Magic Pen(Flat), Can be replaced by flat ability power.

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Great Pyrenees

Senior Member


Im going to give you the best advice here. Wait to but tier 3 runes until season 3 patch goes live. The whole meta game is going to change but I think I can help you with 2 tier 3 rune pages that are viable on any champion.
Run speed quints
Flat AD yellow and blues
Armor pen reds
Run speed quints
Flat AP yello and blues
Magic pen reds

These two rune pages will cost you 18k IP each or 36k IP. My reasons are simple. Run speed is getting nerfed in season 3, so run speed quints will help you survive and kill on every champion. Penetraion is king in season 3 so always need penetration reds end of story its getting buffed to basicaly double damage in s3. The rest is self explanitory.