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Best early items for MF?

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Honestly i do try to do this, but i also run out of mana very quickly for the first 8 or so levels. Reason being pretty much every time its off cooldown i will fire Q to harrass the enemy. Got pretty good with it and unless they are a very good oponent i hit 4 out of 5 times usually.

As for lantern im just not sure its worth the cost straight away. Sure will help killing minions but i dont think she has a problem ever killing them. The free ward would be quite useful though.

Manamune im just not sure about. later on she has no real mana issues and i feel for a similar price ghostblade is better due to reduce cooldown and a great active for taking down people in 1v1 or turrets. Or generally for catching people.

So what are peoples views on Madreds bloodrazor for her due to a huge amount of tanks in use at the moment. Couple it with W and it could be quite powerful surely.

Usually if the game goes on long enough Madreds works its way into my build.

However, I will most definitely get my other core items first other wise your damage output will surely be lacking.

My only issue with ghostblade on ranged champs is that the on hit increased duration effect doesn't apply.

Just preference I suppose.


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I stopped using Manamune after the 1st nerf. Now that the % is back I found that I didn't need it in the 1st place with Clarity seals and Meditation. Sure I run tight on mana around lv5, usually I won't have the 150 mana to activate Bullet Time at lv6 if I don't stop using Q for a bit but so would I if I didn't started with a Meki, which isn't a good choice for solo top or solo mid.

After I go bp to buy a BF or a Pickaxe+stuff I kinda stop having mana issues for the whole match. Getting an Infinity Edge before minute 20 is very advantageous.