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Pulsefire EzreaI

Senior Member


Can we use the Honor system as a filter or add some extra filters? It would improve the game a lot, imo.

An example of the filter would be:

[ ] - Filter by Premades (If someone is in a premade, they get paired with other people that are premades rather than solos)

[ ] - Filter by Honor (If someone has a certain medal or a certain number of points in an Honor area, they get paired with people with similar or around the same number of Honor)

To be honest, I'm getting tired of getting placed with troll premades. I'm getting tired of people telling me to kill myself and stuff like that. The Tribunal is working, but not fast enough. If we have the filter system, I would think that the number of cases in the Tribunal would be cut down by a lot.

Edit: I'm also getting tired of whiny teammates. I'd rather have teammates that give me good advice rather than, "OMG YOU SUCK KILL YOURSELF GG ENEMY TEAM REPORT THIS PLAYER FOR BEING A *****".