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Coming Back as a Gold-Dependent Jungler

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EDIT: I'm going to re-open this thread in the Strategy forum, so please let this thread die. Thanks.

I've been thinking about this lately, because I've noticed a meaningful difference between what happens when I fall behind as my two favorite junglers, Shyvana and Amumu. With Amumu, even if I'm behind, I can still remain useful for my team and help make plays around the map, though I do have to be more cautious since I'm fairly weak. As Shyvana though, either I'm an idiot, or she has a really hard time coming back from being behind. It's very easy to go into a feeding frenzy with her if you're already losing, and you really have to watch yourself and be cautious and know your limits not to do that.

Why is that? I was confused by this for a while, and I could only watch in despair as I'd finish games with scores like 1/10/8 with less gold than my support. Eventually, I realized the link between being gold-dependent and being a damage dealer. Shyvana, being a champion that's almost purely damage oriented with hardly any CC, needs gold to be effective, because without it, she doesn't do any damage. And for that reason, when she falls behind, her use vastly diminishes compared to a CC oriented jungler like Amumu, who's still got useful CC even when he's losing.

Anyway, what I'm ultimately trying to figure out here are good strategies for coming back as a jungler like Shyvana, who needs to have gold to maintain any sort of relevance. Should you just focus on farming, while somewhat neglecting your lanes? Help push lanes with your laners and bring their towers down? How about buying extra GP10's? Help out your mid so they can go around and roam and gank more easily for you? What if you've already lost towers and have very diminished map control? What if the opposing jungler is being very active around the map, forcing you to take action against him? Part of the problem with falling behind as Shyvana is that as you become weaker and lose map control, counterjungling starts to become very, very risky. How do you deal with falling behind?