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Invisibleally has skin and soundset ideas.

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Worldtrotter Darius: Uses a basketball instead of an axe. Sports a jersey with his favorite number on it. Still slam dunks enemies. When he activates his ultimate, he begins whistling a pleasant little tune. Upon death, he whistles a very short sad tune.

Fatal Blitz: glowing red eyes and a lot more black paint, but still keeps some yellow paint as well. Rocketclaw sound effect is replaced with Blitz shouting "COME 'ERE!". Uppercut sound is replaced to sound more like a bone-crunching splat. Fatal Blitz has 4 arms. For his Taunt, he poses with his arms in the air as dark tones sound and the word "Pentakilltality" appears in bloody letters above his head.

Pin Scourge Rammus: Shell and spikes are shiny black. His portrait shows him with a look on his face >8O that is mean with his eyes wide and his mouth open in an O shape (like fingerholes for a bowling ball)- in the background champions in pitiful costumes of bowling pins are running from Rammus, terrified for their lives. The sound effect for when Rammus' spinning attack hits sounds like a perfect strike (in bowling). His joke is "I'm in shape. Round is a shape.".

Scientist Annie: Tibbers (Referred to as "Mister Green" in all of Scientist Annie's quotes) is painted bright green on his upper torso and feet (up to the calves), and purple from the hips to the top of the calves. She has quotes such as "Don't make me angry- you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." and "SMASH'EM, MISTER GREEN!". Scientist Annie is dressed appropriately in a white lab coat and is wearing goggles. She carries around a clipboard, used in her taunt: she says "Another failure." and scribbles a note on the clipboard. For her joke, she takes out two vials and pours one into the other, throwing the empty vial behind her (glass shattering sound effect required) and looks into the full vial, which bubbles madly and blows up in her face, leaving her hair sticking straight back and her entire head covered in black soot. After a second, her eyes open and blink twice. Then she shakes her head and all is back to normal.