[Champion Suggestion] Pastir, The Shepherd

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Damage 50 (+3 per level)
Health 420 (+80 per level)
Mana 265 (+65 per level)
Mov.Speed 320
Armor 13 (+5 per level)
Magic Res. 32
HP Regen 5.5 (+0.6 per level)
MP Regen 6 (+0.65 per level)

melee, mage, support


1.Fire of Life:
Pastir places a fire on target spot (aura range 500 +20 per level). The fire gives HP and MP regen (HP regen : 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 per 5 sec, +2 per 5 sec for every 50 AP) (MP regen : 2.5/3.5/4/5.5/7 per 5 sec, +3 per 5 sec for every 50 AP). Can stack only up to 2/2/2/3/3 times. Mana cost 60. Max 2 on map. CD 25 sec

2.Bean Rage:
Eats a bean and rushes toward selected location and all enemies in his path are knocked aside, if they collide with terrain they are stunned for 1 sec. Damage: 30/50/80/100/150 (+30% Ap), range 750/760/770/780/800, Mana cost 65/70/85/90/100. CD 15/13/12/11/10 sec

3.The New Eye:
Pastir fires a fire from his 3rd eye after delay (3/2.7/2.5/2.3/2 sec) and reveals target area on map (range : whole map), and also deals 30/50/70/90/100 dmg. Mana cost 90/120/150/200/210. CD 60sec

4.Cloud of Truth:
Pastir prays to gods to drop a massive cloud on a target area making it invisible for enemies, it also slows enemies, and gives movement speed to allies. No mana cost. Delay 2/1.7/1.5/1.3/1 sec. Lasts 3 sec. CD 150 sec. Range 8000. If enemies are hit directly they can see a champion that hit them.

Passive. Shepherd of his Herd: Every 10th minion gives 3x more gold.

He looks like an really old dwarf. He carries a long old stick. He has 3 eyes. His clothes look very old and ruined.

If someone is interested in making the story for this guy write it on comment and send on this e-mail: lukacns@hotmail.com .

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Wow, very nice champion, Id like to play with him. And I would be interested in making a story for him.