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[Champion Concept] Demion the Demonic DJ

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Name: Demion the Demonic DJ
Type: Burst mage
Recourse: Mana

Demion looks around the age of 18-20, he wears a red hooded jumper and dark blue combat trousers with black trainers, his hair is as black as night but the edges of his hair are dyed a dark purple and just long enough to completely cover his eyes, although it is combed to the right and only covers his right eye, his eyes are a dark red and his teeth are filed to pointed fangs he also has a pair of white headphones around his neck. He has a tall thin figure and always has his hands in his jumper pockets.

Demion was born in a small village called Solourcanas (so-lour-can-as) he was an only child and his birth would be classed as "normal". Demion was always "different" even at a young age, he used to just sit alone, never saying a single word, the only noises he ever made were the beating of any object he could find, pots and pans, shoes, keys, spoons, his parents thought that this was normal until one day at the age of six Demion strapped an arrangement of different pans around his waist walked to his door and calmly said "the music I make cause people to break, the people I break are the souls I take", he walked out of his home and almost immediately a loud banging sound came from the pans he had around his waist, about 30 seconds after he started people started screaming, it turned out that when Demion played any form of music he could steal and collect peoples souls, in about 30 minutes everyone in his village was dead.

Twelve years later and Demion now creates his own music using a mixing table and plays it using huge tower speakers that blast his music over huge distances, and any souls he collect he now stores within an MP3 player. Demion has joined the League of Legends to play his music, and to hopefully find someone who can withstand his music so that he has someone to listen to it with him.

*Note* I am not good at knowing the range of moves in league of legends, so I will use other champions moves as an example.


Passive: Sound Levels
Every allied champion has a increased mana and health regen, the regen is increased the closer they are to Demion.

Q: Tech Malfunction
Demion throws a malfunctioning device in an arc, and deals damage upon impact and then explodes to deal splash damage, in addition the move adds one Bass stack to enemy champions that are hit. (100/150/200/250/300) | Mana (50/75/100/125/150) | About the same range as Lulus "Help Pix!" move. (approximate range 650).

W: Bass Drop
Passive: allows other spells to add a stack of "Bass" upon impact. Each stack of "Bass" decreases the afflicted champions magic resistance by 10 per stack, max stack at 5.

Active: All champions within a range around Demion drop their "Bass" stacks and are dealt damage for each stack. All stacks are removed off the affected champions that are damaged by this move. (30/50/80/100120 per stack) | Mana (50/60/80/120/150) | About the same range as Twitches "Expunge" move. (approximate range 1200).

E: Sound wave
Demion fires a wave of sound in a line, Sound Wave is a fading piercing attack (Does more damage the closer a target is to Demion), Sound Wave applies a "Bass" stack to champions hit by the spell. (100/125/175/250/275) | Mana (100/125/150/175/200) | About the same rage as Ezreals "Mystic Shot" move. (approximate range 1150).

R: Demonic Mix
Demion Summons 4 tower speakers that blast his music in an area, all enemy champions within the area are stunned for 3 seconds, If a champion has 3 "Bass" stacks when hit by Demonic Mix then they are slowed for 2 seconds after the stun effect has worn off, If a champion has 5 stacks of "Bass" when hit by Demonic Mix then they are slowed, silenced, and their armor and magic resist are dropped to 0 for 2 seconds. (350/450/550). | Mana (300/450/500) | About the same range as Amumus "Curse of the Sad Mummy" move. (approximate range 600).