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1 Support + 1 Tank = Fun

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Hey guys,
Well to be honest i dont consider myself an expert in the subject (referring to LoL), but i do feel we need some new champs filling the roles of tank, support, jungle, etc. For some reason Riot's been releasing a great deal of Fighters/assasins (Diana, Rengar, Kha zhi, Elise, Zed), and that pushed me into posting these ideas which i think, will help make this game richer and more fun.
I'll be posting more ideas in other forums, but for now...here's 2 new champion concepts!


Dun'gun - The Wolf Spirit

Possible roles: SUPPORT, Jungle, Melee

Description: This champion is a Shaman, wearing its classic weird robes, mask and handfull of feathers and ornaments. It wields a drum and a club, using both as a shield and weapon or as instruments to channel his forbidden incantations.
Shamans are known to have strong links with the spirit world, they mostly use this abilities to commune with such spirits, to heal ailments caused by evil spirits or to ask the spirits for wisdom and in this way practice divination. These are the kind of abilities our new champ will use .

ABILITIES: (Note: ill leave the numbers to you guys or to riot, im just laying down the floor of the idea here, we should all work this together)

Q - Soul Steal / Spiritual Bite: In human form, casts a lifestealing spell hitting all enemies in a line (much like Shen's dash) and granting a small shield to any ally on its way back. Will only shield allies if it hits any enemy first, will also shield Dun'gun.
In spirit wolf form, a bite that will deal magic damage and heal for a small amount.

W - Stride with Wolves / Pack leader: In human form, 1/1/2/2/3 spirit wolves will surround the target champion. While surrouding him, the wolves will grant increased movement and attack speed. If the target recieves a basic attack, one of the wolves will jump off and return a percent of the damage of that attack to the enemy, fading in the process. (means that at lvl 5 you can block 3 basic attacks this way before the spell fades, or it can fade in time)
In spirit wolf form, the champion passively gains increased movement and attack speed based on the number of friendly champions near.

E - Rain dance / Spectral Wave: In human form, the champion conjures a rain that will slow enemies in an area and heal allies for a small amount. Can be cast from a distance but it must be channeled, making the champion vulnerable while casting this ability.
In spirit wolf form, the spiritual being produces a sonic wave with a strong howl, reveling all enemies (including stealthed ones) in its vision range.

R - Spirit of the Wolf: The champion shifts into the shape of a wolf of the spectral plane, gaining new abilities.

Passive Ability: Lonewolf: The champion meditates in isolation, when no friendly champion is nearby, he'll have his magic resist and ability power increased.

END NOTES: I should make clear that this champion's abilities should be mana based, but the fact that he's a shaman doesnt mean he should ONLY be thought of as a AP champ. In fact, my main idea with this champion is that he can be buillt in both AD or AP, and even though his wolf form enhances his fighting abilities and the human form is pretty much supportive...i've tried to think the abilities in such way that he can fill ANY OF HIS ROLES IN ANY OF HIS FORMS.


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Now i give you THE TANK, but it's not just another tank, its a very fun to play tank..which is the most important thing in a game, to have fun.


Sage Kin - The Drunken Fist

Possible roles: TANK, jungle, melee

Description: Well, if you check the lore of Wukong, you'll see that there's a monkey sage referred to which tried to use the runestones to make monkeys invincible. NOW...my idea is to make this sage our new champion! With the great addition that he's not a wise looking elder anymore, hes a DRUNKARD.

Right after Wukong's journey off the jungle, Sage Kin started to wander off searching for magic objects and power sources. A quest that started to take the sanity away from him, but not his hidden powers. Finally, he found in the most obscure places of the Plague Jungle, the Fountains of 9 Elixirs...where he..just started to drink every water he came across...whithout any reasoning or judgement.

Oh, physichal description, a monkey sage/monk, with a buch of elixirs in its back, in empty pumpkin bottles (Like the ones you see in anime series), and a huge container of this sort holding under its left arm. A bent old monkey, yet extremely agile, and with a smile and a red nose.


Q - Reverse Punch: Active: Using the Monkey style, the champion delivers an instant punch (a sure critical strike, much like Shaco's) stunning the target briefly.
Passive: If the champion recieves a critical strike, it will rapidly counter back, returning a percent of that damage.

W - A la carte: The champion will start jugling with it's elixir bottles, even when walking. He can choose 1 of them for a specific effect (just like twisted fate's ability):

Blue Bottle: This elixir will grant increased ability power and magic resistance, as well as movement speed.
Yellow Bottle: The champion will drink the Elixir of Bronze, granting him extremely high armor and increased attack damage, but will reduce its movement speed. (this is just great when they think you are almost dead next to the turret and someone wants to dive on you)
Red Bottle: The bottle will instantly explode, pushing back enemy champions in a radius and stunning them briefly. It will also deal some magic damage.

E - Brawl: Sage Kin becomes agressively drunk and jumps onto a target enemy champion, dealing magic damage on the landing, and then repeatedly small physical damage while on its back. The enemy is slowed as long as Sage Kin is attached to it.

R - Spirit Drink: Using the huge magic pumpkin bottle under it's left arm, the champion will start to absorb an enemy champion (like Fiddle's Drain but whitout lifesteal..yet) dealing magic damage. If the enemy dies by this spell, it's soul will now be an elixir for Sage Kin to drink, granting him increased health and size (like Cho'gath) and healing some health in the process. This effect lasts until Sage Kin dies, but he can grow in health and size only once, every next kill by this spell will only heal him for a considerable amount.

Passive Ability: Intoxication: This ability can be activated or deactivated. When active, Sage Kin will get more and more drunk, gaining stacks over time. This will help his drunken style, giving him increased armor and minion miss chance. Aditionally it will increase it's critical strike chance and critical damage, but will reduce its attack and movement speed.

END NOTES: Well, im not sure if this new champion would be too OP or not, as i said before. I dont think this would be a complete idea, but i tried to make a Tank fun to play, a bit unpredictable and jesting like Shaco or Fiddle. I guess it could also be a AD/AP or hybrid fighter.



Well, i just want to thank anyone who took the time to read this, and i'll give a second thank if you give these ideas some support and help them evolve.
I'd really love to see them ingame, not because they are mine, but because i love LoL and i really want to see some variety and fun champions.

See ya

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why not save another post for feedback?