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(Champion Concept) The Halo Knock-off Super Soldier

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This game needs a super soldier archetype, a futuristic space soldier. You know this to be true, so here's a cool kit I slept on the other night after playing too much League. I didn't go crazy with stats and lore and character design because I'm too lazy.

Passive : Every third instance of damage on an enemy causes them to be marked, proc'ing an immediate attack by you and enhancing your range to auto attack them. The mark is removed in 2 seconds of if you damage the enemy, they can't be affected by it for 10 seconds. (I didn't put deep thought into the numbers or balance side of this so chill bros)

Q: A sticky grenade. (See, Halo reference!)

W: Sprint. Passive, increased move speed as long as you aren't getting hit. Nerfed movespeed when you do get hit. Active : You sprint for 4 seconds regardless of damage taken. Long cooldown.

E: A targettable powered up auto attack that you can do while moving. So you hit E and when you move around the cursor the hero swivels and aims at the cursor. How cool would that be?

R: Ordnance. Here I took ideas from Kha'Zix. I think it'd be neat if you could branch off 3 ways, choosing a Sniper Rifle, A Shotgun, or a 3-burst rifle. Each weapon choice would lend to a completely different role, and you can't switch to a different weapon after choosing one. A Sniper Rifle would be more for a burst AD character, Shotgun would be a close range bruiser/tank, and the rifle would be a typical ranged AD carry.

Choosing sniper rifle would nerf your attack speed, up your AD, change Sprint to a hunker down ability granting passively increased ranged. actively doing a xerath type root on yourself for some defenses and more range, even slower attack speed. The Q would be a skillshot ward, that doesn't last long. (think motion sensor) the E would stay the same (for all weapon choices)

A Shotgun ult choice would turn the Q into a cluster grenade that slows, make the W passive give defense stats, the active would stun the first enemy you come into contact with, and the E would stay the same. Passive of the shotgun would give your attacks a small cone of aoe on auto. Obviously the range of this choice would be nerfed.

A Rifle would change your basic auto attacks to hit 3 times, lending itself to maybe allow on-hit carry builds! How unique! The grenade would still stick but also slow in an aoe for a little protection. Sprint would stay the same.

I was throwing around the idea of letting you switch between each weapon as an R active, but I don't know if having that range of utility is inherently OP. This all just sounded cool in my head and felt like throwing it out into the sea of the internet.

There it is, tear it apart guys!