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All AP Mid

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Ran into this particular game yesterday. We lost against it though I think it was mostly because we were not expecting it than because it is a good idea.

This was a normal draft game. Our side had:

Skarner (me and my worst game I've played I must say)

A relatively normal comp.

They had:

Not so normal. I have to admit we were puzzled and sort of shrugged our collective shoulders. The game, however, went horribly bad.

It started of slightly odd. Unsurprisingly with their comp they invaded towards our blue but there were no losses there was we had expected it. Instead it was about a 3 minute long standoff with no one willing to engage. Once things broke up finally we headed to our expected positions. They did not. Intead they sent two, then within a couple of minutes, 3 to mid (Swaine, Viktor and Wukong if I recall correctly). I started off jungling but pretty much got tied down helping Veiger in the center to hold. We simply did not adapt fast enough and they simply wore towers down. I played especially bad as any time I tried to move in to do something I simply got burned down before I could get in range. Sivir managed to know a couple of their towers down but before long it essentially became a mid lane standoff with their team having a distinct range advantage.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the game. I think if we had understood earlier what they were doing and adapted faster it would have been a very different outcome. I'm curious though if anyone else has run into the guys running this comp.

To those who we played - good game I will say. Annoying as anything but a good game.