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Alienware Tourney

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Recruiting now OPEN!!!! Come try out for a collective chance to win 1,7500$ !!!!!!!

Add me in game or reply here.

This will be a hardcore effort. We will play matches together as often as possible in order to build team chemistry. Also please go register at http://www.alienwarearena.com/ in order to join the ranked team "ExiledNinjas." Password will be given later.

I will be jungle. I have one dedicated Real life co-captain already.
What we are looking for :

- At least be able to tower hug and not feed until help from jungle arrives.

That is all. I look forward to some 'friendly" applicants.

One more thing. It's polite I tell you about myself and my friend so you can judge if we could "click" as a team.

1. I love anime
2. I Love Hip Hip (Kendrick Lamar, J cole etc)
3. I'm African American and 22. Male , Louisiana (Well we both are)
4. I've been in a 6 year relationship with my gf, I'm pretty mature.
5. I smoke...alot. Because it calm's me down and allows me to make BIG plays.
6. I study all the pro stream and play alot better under pressure.
6.5 I've been to college and I graduated High School. (Just throwing that in there)
7. I'm on central time. I play LOL everyday from 5am til 11pm but my gf is around mostly after 6pm so expect me to be afk.
8. Please be outgoing, and not afraid to tell us when you have somehting going on and can't focus on the current match or else we will expect your "A" game. (i.e, If your tired don't play)
9. We like listening to Rap music while playing..and we rap ourselves. We use skype but it's distracting being on skype with nerd who don't even TRY to strategize and instead keep stating random facts about the game that we all "know" already. skype is for calling plays and keeping others posted of your lane status.
10. Well that's enough. We are looking for 3 people who we can take in as our own and really relax and enjoy the game and life with. (our 3rd RL friend isn't too active or too good)

Yes, I want you to play like every match your life depends on it. We will be victorious, and we will crush the competition. Thank you. Hear from you soon.

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I am a primary support player looking for a team. I have a very aggressive style, but only when the team comp calls for it,otherwise i am more than happy to wait for a good gank.

On a personal note.

I am 26, married, with a child on the way. Currently unemployed but working on a blog with which to make some advertising revenue. I listen to just about every form of music barring country and Pop Rap (Lil Wayne for example). I am a semi talented cook and generally straight edge in all of my affairs (i have drank less than 5 times in my life).

Ill add you in game, get back to me if you'd like.

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I'm very interested. I added you in game. I'm 20, out of college, working. Marine Biologist.

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would love to join sent a request