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a viable melee ad carry

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i've observed that there are currently no viable melee ad carries in the league of leagends at high elos. every single one of them is easily countered by competent players. the reason for this is that melee ad carries have no inherant advantages over ranged ad carries in the late game. ranged ad carries can do almost exactly the same damage as melee ad carries from the safety of distance. but what if there was a melee ad carry whose kit allowed him to deal high amounts of damage while having an inherant safety mechanism?


Joe: The viable melee ad carry.

since the beguinning of the league of leagends, there have always been champions that have been played, and champions that seemed to be outclassed. but one particular class of champions were far more outclassed than any other. the high ranking summoners at the league noticed this, and decided to fix this problem by creating the first viable melee ad carry using powerful runic magic! they created him in the laboratories of zuan; and they called him, Joe!

base stats:
similar to other melee ad carries. high base attack speed, medium defensive stats, medium damage, melee attack range, etc...

joes abilities:

anti-burst armor(innate passive)
joe gains 2.5 bonus resistance against an attack for each percentage of his maximum health it would take (after mitigation from armor/mr).

//this is what makes joe a viable melee ad carry without making him overpowered when
//built as a bruser. just like poppies passive, anti-burst armor gives joe inherant
//survivability while making defensive items less desirable to buy. thus solving the
//problem of creating an ovepowered bruser.

gap closer:Q
the gap between joe and an enemy champion becomes closed somehow.

steroid: W
joe injects a questionable substance into his body using a hyperdermic needle. dramatically increasing his physical damage per second while decreasing his ***** size.

crowd control: E
joe prevents enemy champions from walking away while he's trying to kill them

epic game-changing ultimate: R
joe freezes time in a targeted area. enemies who are hit by this ability are rendered untargetable to anyone except joe and unable to do anything for 3 seconds.

//this ultimate allows joe to be an effective presence in a team fight without being CCd
//and immediately destroyed by the enemy team. its not overpowered because it doesn't
//allow affected enemies to take damage from the rest of joes team while it lasts. yet it
//does allow his team to strategically reposition themselves so that they can be more
//likely to win when the effect ends.