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Skin-Concept: Christmas Orianna

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Junior Member


Hey, Community,

I'd like to ask for a Christmas-Skin called Christmas Orianna.

It would be god-awesome if she could made it.
Her look would be with bells and stuff (didn't really think about her look but since she is robotic, there are a lot of options imo)

And her ball could be a Christmas ball, with lots of colours..

If she sends out her Ball with her Q there could be little Snow particles behind the Ball, and if she hits W snow could splash out of the ball..
The shield of her E could have shiny particles (like ashes q when activated)
And her Q could be like a little snowstorm which slurps up the snow from outside

Unfortunately my drawing skills are very VERY bad, and I don't have pictures yet.
I would welcome every sort of help

If you like the idea, bump it/like it and we'll see if some Red also likes the Idea ^^