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Piriya - the freaky fish guy

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this is my idea on another aqua based champion sort of like fizz but this time hes an add carry

(accumulated water) Passive: whenever he hits an enemy he gains 1 ad which increased up to a cap and the stacks last about 30 seconds (cap of 10)

(Shadow Pact) Q: on activation he gains increased movement speed for 2 seconds and after the 2 seconds creates a pulse around him which removes his movement speed buff and any other harmful debuffs that are upon him

(Bounce) W: Piriya jumps towards ur cursor stopping if he hits an enemy champion if he does hit an enemy champion he leash's them to the ground so they can only move a set distance away from where he landed

(Fishy Slap) E: Piriya throws a fish at his target making them slip up and slowing them for a few seconds

(Oceans Rage) R: Piriya summons the rage of the ocean to have water swirl around him for 8 seconds while the ocean swirls around him he cant be targeted but he can be hit by aoe abilities andwill continue taking damage from dot effects

i hope u like my champion idea ^_^