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Just played the most intense ranked game of my life (81 minute game)

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Both teams were too scared to engage too much, but we had the upper hand. We had 2 towers remaining while the enemy team had 0. We tried to push to win at around the 50 minute mark, but they wiped us.

We killed all their inhibs again though, so between that and the people that they had dead, they could only send Tristana and Taric to try to end our nexus while we were all dead. He chewed through our first tower, and chewed through the second tower, and got our Nexus to 70% health.

At this point we were all still dead but had about 10 seconds left to spawn, we thought we were done for and we had lost the game. Then suddenly BAM. Our inhibitor respawned and prevented Tristana/Taric from attacking our Nexus further, and we respawned before they could kill the inhibitor again. We were pretty freaking lucky seeing as how badly we lost the teamfight right before this moment.

Then it was another 20 minutes of them defending in their base, us killing their inhibitors and then trying to end but not winning the fight (though having most of us still survive).

Towards the end we finally managed to burst down Tristana (who was doing almost all their damage) and his GA for the win after an extremely stressful and intense 81 minute game. My hands are still shaking a little.

Just thought I'd share this experience

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I know that feel. I played a 100 minute game today and I was so tense - and then my twitch and my friend's Trundle pulled off some sneaky backdoor nexus diving and we got the win - the feels just flow out of you like a good stretch.