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[champion concept]- AD carry ninja NEED HELP creating.

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this is my champion concept for a good guy ad carry ninja to be paired with my support ninja concept
support and feedback for both are appreciated. thank you

Allied champions gain 10/15/20 armor pen

Q: :boalas
low cd skill shot slow.(ap ratio dmg)

W: :
Passive 5/10/15/20% atk spd increase
Active 20/30/4050% atk spd increase for 4 sec, Passive is lost while on cd

E: :
throws down smoke pellets becomes stealthed for .5 sec (small distance blink. like ezreals.)

R: :
Frontal cone (long like mf's) throws 4 sets of poison tipped throwing knives one after the other(4 burst) dealing physical damage initially and magic damage for the DOT(base + ap ratio)

Again thanks for any feedback and suggestions.
i need help with
1. champion name
2. ability names
3. dmg ratios
4. cooldowns
5. champion lore
6. champion artwork/ sketch

and again this community can make this happen. Lets go ninja team.

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Alucard Vanguard



you really didnt give much to work with here... nothing seems too original as it stands. R is MF's with a dot, E is a stereotypical escape, W just an attack speed steroid like kog, q sounds like graves maybe.

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Idk, just random stuff, how about we go with Kunais as projectiles. His passive could be Shadow Sew and it would be like Kennen cept it's a snare instead of a stun and every ability he hits the enemy with applies a Sew token onto them. Upon reaching I'll say maybe 4 token and they last about a good 5 secs.
Q will be generic skill shot cept it's called Tsuki, so you can either do a mini slow. or you can move that to a different move completely.
I always liked the idea of fishing wires attached to a blade like back during Ninja Scroll, so his escape can just be like a hook cept with out pulling the enemy but himself. But if it does hit his enemy it mini slows. For the speed up we could just make it a toggle able thing that consumes mana like how sivirs was back in the day with Rochette cept it will increase his attack speed and give him a second Kunai for each hit that deals 10% of his current damage and every 7 hits would be a sew token. His ult could be like a cross between maybe MF or something cept it would just be a quicker burst and only 4 rows of with 5 columns and each applies a Sew token.