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The Official "Tell Me Who To Play" Thread

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I noticed, may not be the only one, but 90% of the threads posted in this section of the forums are new players asking what champion they should be playing and then how...

"Hi my name is Joe Summoner, I just started playing LOL and really fell in love with the game even if the community has been tough to deal with.
I enjoy ninjas, pirates, knights, dragons, laughing, running, hording, doing tons of damage, healing, tanking, being on the top lane and then asking to switch to bot, jungling without full rune pages, and hiding in bushes. Please tell me who I should spend my money on next and then I will respond by asking for a build for that said champion.
Thanks in advanced,

In my extensive experience playing LOL I find that there are a few things a new summoner can do before posting another one of these threads.

1. If you like how a champion looks, then go for it.
If killer clowns is your thing and you enjoy taking on that roll then just buy Shaco already, we don't need to know how it's either him or YI your debating over. You do best in this game when having fun and controlling a champion you think is pretty cool or badass is just a plus to the overall experience.

2. Utilize the free week champions.
There is at least one of each play style available every week to practice with. Figure out what style you enjoy the most this way inexpensively.

3. GOOGLE/YouTube.
Lolwiki, solomid, mobafire are some of the most common sites found when googling a certain champion so utilize the Internets and research the roles. There is also a plethora of builds available on these websites that will help get you started before your capable enough with your champion to flexibly build them differently every game. Also most of these websites contain a lot less spam and trolls then the main LOL forums surprisingly enough.

Hope this information helps, if not then it can peacefully be laid to rest at sea...