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[Guide] Soraka, the Support Monster

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Junior Member


okay thanks for answer now when you say start do you mean get it or build it.

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Neil the Waan

Senior Member


omg, u play the same as me, scared. I usualy get Visage>Mercs/Swiftness>MR/Health if required, Deathfire Grasp if lots of tanks or just start grabbing Briliance Elixers, may well try Guinsoo's but.

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Senior Member


I like to get 3 kage's for gold gen and ap
then Ill ger rylais to proc slow
and then an innervating locket for late game, when it matters.
Never gotten past that yet, but Soraka needs the gold boost badly since the melee dps will be taking all of the last hits from her.

next would be a deathfire grasp, zhonyas, and a Gaurdian angel.

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Junior Member


hi.. another soraka player here wanna share something.. hope u dont mind..

I find that Soraka is a really good addition for a lineup that have high dps champions that depends on mana.. not those with charge like akali/kennen.. most example are: karthus/anivia/ashe/ezreal

for the summoner spell ive been using cleanse/clarity lately, i was using heal/cleanse before and it really makes me hard to die.. but imo you can tell if you play good soraka game with low death on your teamates. Im trying to experiment with clarity/rally build seems to be good with ranged dps that are mana dependant like ashe and ez.. I heard that rally also give u AE heal? is that true.. never tried rally spell b4...

for mastery i go 9/0/21 just like others build her...

and for runes i go quintences health, cdr runes in mark and glyphys, health per level in seal..

my starting items usually going boots 1 health potion and a ward.. simply because i play soraka to babysit the carry champion im laning with and ward is really help from preventing death by ganks for 4 mins.

for items i build her with AP stuff like straight zhonya ring.. because it also gives u 2 secs invurn which is making u a very good bait.. I play lots of premades with soraka and its fun if u are all using vent...

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Kamikaze kae

Senior Member


Why Not Rylias with starfall you can slow almost any champion who is chasin you plus added hp and AP

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Senior Member


I often get smite so that has some last hit ability and spec into the extra gold. It also allows her to get the mana golem or help kill other nuetral monsters quickly and efficiently. I know it doesn't scale well in end game but its still extremely helpful on geting income. I save it for the catapult minions as they have a ton of health and give the best gold +5 with 1 mastery point. I agree one level of starfall is all you really need, I notice If im not being harassed harshly I get away with leveling my heal secondary and keeping my infuse leveled for last hiting and or keeping mana up. Shes a powerful hero to lane against. I once laned with a sona as soraka and it was just dumb how bad we owned 2 carry heros.

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ap benefits both heals, which is more important than starcall