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For some reason I seem to be the only one who thinks that, in ranked, players should play they role they are best at. For almost every single soloqueue ranked game I've played, 2-3 players call a lane or position, and then the first pick, who doesn't say anything, just autolocks that position and thinks it's their job to fill. As I'm posting this thread, I'm currently loading a ranked game in which first pick did this, and literally forced every other player out of their respective lanes (2nd from top called mid, first picked mid, 3rd from top calls top, 2nd from top picks it, 4th from top calls ADC, 3rd from top autolocks it). Why is it considered a good idea to let the first pick get away with w/e he/she wants and just ignore letting plays play what they're good at? Personally, I'd rather have my best player supporting or playing a role they don't know than have them play the role they want and the entire team being unable to play the roles they're best at