Would a Dota/HoN Crossover interest anyone?

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Yeah, I know what you mean. Just wanted to throw that video out there. But it would be kinda funny.
A scene in that story could be where champs from Dota/HoN are just having a regular match and the LoL champs are having a regular match then there's a magical rift making half of a Summoners Rift switching with half of a Dota/HoN map and the LoL champs just going like "What the heck happened"
Thing is.... the Dota/HoN lore doesn't work like that.
In HoN, the Legions of Man and Beast are fighting a war against the Hellbourne for the fate of Newerth itself.
In Dota, the Radiant fight the Dire to protect the World Tree.

I imagine a story for HoN where lets say, King Jeraziah and Queen Ophelia travel to Runeterra to ask for help and The Institute of War and the City States agree to help and send their champions and soldiers to aid. In this story I imply that Newerth is a far off land on the other side of the world. Because hey, Runeterra's planet is mostly unexplored.
In this world, death is permanent. Creeps are actual people who fight and die. I imagine the interactions between the people of HoN and League and how the concept of denying would horrify them.