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How has the new system affected you?

Positively 1 12.5%
Negatively 3 37.5%
No differance 4 50%
Voters 8 .

So the new matchmaking system.....

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Riot for all my games with the new matchmaking system i have gotten horrible players. Things such as instalockers and jerks have been nonexistant till the new system. Please revert it because i am losing all real want to play league with these players. I just got a team that instalocked 3 champs and 2 called mid. They didnt even think about anything! We had no tank and as much as i tried to help the team all they did was get mad and yell. Im sorry but this new system might make me want to....almost never play league again. I hope you take this into consideration or atleast explain what they changed in this new system.
Thank you for reading everyone

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Senior Member


These guys have always been around. Has nothing to do with matchmaking. Either you just got lucky or you were playing in a higher elo (assuming ranked) where those sort of players are much less common.

This is why playing ranked in preseason right off the bat is a hell of a gamble. On one hand you can capitalize on playing against bad players but on the other you may get stuck with those same bad players.