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PBE Game Startup Bug

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Hello forums!

I recently (about three weeks ago) became part of the PBE environment. After downloading the client and signing up, I attempted to login (this was at the Zed patch time).

After an exhausting two hour wait, and problems with installing the client, I finally managed to log in. After purchasing the new champs to test them, I attempted to start a game. Both times, upon starting the game the client crashed and the message "Game still in progress" popped up on the client screen, but with no reconnect button.

After re-opening the client, and waiting through the login queue another two hours, Th same problem occured.

Today, excited about the massive patch, I attempted to log in once again. The queue took only an hour due to my time-zone being out of the peak time, and when I finally logged in (after several "the server is busy" cancellations) I found a message saying that I was on level 1 warning or some such for leaving games. This is due to the bug that I described above where the game would not start, and has me fairly worried that I will lose my PBE account for something outside my control.

My main question is, what is this bug and when will we hear about a solution or an attempt to fix it?

After I read the warning, i once again tried to start a game (custom so i cant be banned:/) and once again was unable to connect, and the "game still in progress screen leaves no option other than to close the client and re-log.

With the login queues as long as they are, I'm sure you can see why this is a problem. I would love a response from a red to this issue, as it has been extremely infuriating.

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Im having the same problem, still no solution?