Does Captain Kris single handedly change the way LoL is played?

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Captain Kris

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I'm sure you are all aware of Captain Kris's 5v5 Awesome tier list that now has over 9000!!!! views!!! I look at the tier list as a report of the general consensus of the current metagame. The list lets us beyond godlike players know which champions the top kingpin players think are good and AWESOME!!!.

I'm a level 30 right now, yet I see other 30's mention stuff like, that champion is god tier, or our team has a lot of ****z tier champions. Now I'm pretty sure they don't know all of that by being awesome and pro ****z. I theorize that Captain Kris has a big influence on the pro-meta game. Like I predict we'll see Milkfat become more popular, due to him being number one on the fail list right now.

Edit: I'm not saying Captain Kris creates the current GODLIKEgame. I'm simply saying he reports it and a lot of people are entranced by his awesomeness.

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