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Need tips on Trist

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I'm really bad at trist early game. like - REALLY bad. i usually go about 0-1 kills, 3-4 deaths and 1 assist by about 15:00. I pick it up after that to go positive, but i dont know if maybe my builds of dorans blade, berserker's grieves, and usually [brutalizer and another dorans] or [black cleaver] by that time is causing it. I do what is obvious. I make sure to use my e on anyone with healing like tarric or nidalee in team fights and my rocket jump to get away (because thats still helping...) and having my last hits on minions timed when others nearby are low health as well.

Any tips on how to get better early game?

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Fs Son0fSilas

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Don't overextend, it can be pretty easy to push, even when you are only trying to last hit with her. Make sure you're support is warding. If not, you may need to make sure you are bringing back at least one ward.

If you manage to kill 2 bot in a 3v3 (jungler,support, adc, mid, whichever) you need to consider getting Dragon quickly. Also, remember your positioning, and whether or not you are playing with an aggressive support. Leona has some great synergy with Trist, if you have someone you know that plays her, try duoing together.

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Well, there are some mechanics and build problems to start with.

One, your E doesn't mess up the healer. No reason to put it on them unless you don't want them to heal themselves. You generally use E on a person that the healer might want to heal. As in, your team is initiating on Annie so you put your E on Annie so Taric's heal on Annie will suck.

Brutalizer shouldn't be built on Tristana really.

I wouldn't open Doran's Blade unless you have a support that will have strong heals from the start...though you really shouldn't be laning with those supports anyway. Really should open boots + 3 pots and go with an aggressive support and murder people early game. Max out W first. Put a point into E at level 2 and maybe level 4 if you can control it so you don't constantly push into the enemy team.

Tristana's burst realy game really isn't bad. Her problem is her "meh" midgame.

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Tristana is an ADC carry, so early game you should be focusing on farming. She is actually fairly safe since she has a long-range jump to escape, but you should still be careful.
Tristana has a great early game if you can get away with playing aggressively. She has crazy burst damage at level 6 if you jump on the enemy, use E and then ult. Remember to use your ult wisely, or you might end up knocking the enemy back to safety :<

Skill build:
Max your W (jump) first. This is because the cooldown is lowered significantly. In addition, maxing it increases your early game burst--if your support is helping you, jump on the enemies for great damage and slow.
Take one point of your E early, and max it last. Remember that the debuff Grievous Wounds that it applies reduces healing DONE to the target, not how much healing the target applies to others. So use it on people you don't want to be healed, not just the healer themselves.
After maxing W, you want to max Q second because of the crazy attack speed boost it gives mid game to late game.
And of course take ult whenever possible.

Item build:
Start boots/3 for mobility and sustain. Get doran's blades if you need the early game stats, otherwise rush infinity edge and then phantom dancer.
On Trist, you want to rush Infinity Edge as soon as possible. this is why farming early game is so important. If you don't get that IE, her midgame damage is terrible because you can't afford to go jumping into the entire enemy team to do damage without getting instantly killed. Once you have Infinity Edge, you pump out mad damage with your attack speed boost + crits and damage from IE.

By mid and late game, stop using jump to initiate and save it as an escape (or if you're winning really hard, to chase a fleeing enemy). Late game, Trist has the longest attack range in the game, so stay in the back and pump out auto-attack crits like crazy.

This is the default item build I use for her and most other AD carries:
Infinity Edge-->Phantom Dancer-->Bloodthirster-->Last Whisper-->Guardian Angel
This gives you great damage, crit chance, attack speed, lifesteal sustain, armor pen, and survivability + resurrection. Black Cleaver and Brutalizer are not very good on Trist, unfortunately--she relies almost entirely on her auto-attacks, and black cleaver does not have worthwhile stats for late game.