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[Question] How does the Trinity Force proc work?

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I understand what makes Trinity Force proc--I'm a little confused about what it's doing to increase my damage though.

The way I read it, it sounds like my next hit after a spell should do Normal Damage with +150% Bonus Damage, making my first hit after a spell into a 250% damage strike.

So if I hit something for 200 twice, use a spell, I expected the next hit to be 500 damage.

It didn't seem to actually perform that way--there were crits thrown in and various different enemy types, but I wasn't sure if it was actually working the way it seemed to be written.

Does it only key off my earned-per-level damage? So that if I have 100 Base Damage and +100 AD from items, it'd only make my next hit +150, adding up to a total damage of 350, not 500?

I think that's what they must mean by 'base' damage, though I thought they meant "unmodified by spells and such," not "unmodified by items," which dramatically reduces the impact of the item. It doesn't make it bad, but it certainly doesn't have as much kick as it would have had otherwise.

Means my "Olaf with Triforce" build only gets about a +175 bonus damage per proc, not nearly as much as I was hoping for!

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yes, trinity/sheen only apply to base damage which is damage before items

you can also trigger it on a crit IIRC, but it doesnt increase the damage further

so a regular crit(no increased crit damage) on 100+100 damage and a trinity proc would deal 400+(100x1.5)=550