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Server Stability

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I posted a comment yesterday which for the life of me I cannot seem to find, I have however now saved this link to ensure that I can access it in hopes that I will receive a response from on of the RIOT employees shortly to address the current lag issues that so many players are experiencing.

It is regrettable that I have to post a comment on your website to address the current state of your servers, I have been patient during this time even though my experience is slowly but surely deteriorating based on the amount of lag and poor quality i am enduring while playing League of Legends.

It seems that with the current rate your "product" is growing you are battling to maintain the quality which was once highly commendable, and now left its users with an empty shell of its former self. I support your company and so make purchases as often as possible to endorse your company.

However it seems you have crossed the Corporate foothold and are simply focusing on the market side of business. Up until two days ago (when you released three patches) Things finally started to get better but alas this has been quickly and rapidly squashed by the stability issues again.

I do not want a free gift and I do not want false promises I want a professional update if not a solution and I know I am not the only one who feels this way.