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Tips for Top?

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I'm a 12XX player who used to play a lot of ADC and jungle. After playing dom almost exclusively for about 2 months I'm trying to get into ranked 5's but I have an achilles heel of top lane. I'll try to explain what I believe my weak links are to try to give some insight into my play. I know one of my main downfalls is tunnel visioning on my lane and not paying attention to my wards and I die to most ganks, maybe there is a way either through juking or some other method I could try to live through some? Also my lane ends up pushing most games no matter what champ I play or how well I last hit. Are there some general rules to lane motion ie. when to back, when to push that I am oblivious too? Lastly what champions are the most forgiving top lane or the easiest to learn first? I've tried most top laners with friends all the way from Irelia to Vlad but I rarely seem to come out on top without help from my junglers. All advice is welcome! Thanks!

After some further thought another really weak area of mine is knowing when to trade and against what match ups I should be trading frequently against.