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Riot plz

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Seriously, Riot. I know this is totally not the right forum for this, but seriously, guys, don't you notice that the new HUD and Store are almost identical to DotA2...?

Of all the things we wanted Riot to adopt from DotA, the shop was on the list of things to stay away from. It could always stand to be improved, everything can, but the system before worked really well with precise, simple subcategories. Search function was a plus, especially one that could recognize slang, but the setup for categories just makes me cringe and flash back to trying to find an item in DotA without knowing it's name.

And then the HUD. Despite the map and stats bar being switched around, and the lack of champion icons with a Day/Night ticker at the top, it looks almost exactly like the DotA way.

Just me ranting. You guys can ignore this if you want; I just wanted to get this out of the way. >_>