[champion concept] Ruthra, the Void King

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Grubistich grady

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Role: Ad melee tank

Passive:Ruthra Gains additional HP for every near by enemy champion this gain is doubled if the enemy champion comes out of stealth

Q: Behead: Ruthra swings is claymore in a savage arch dealing damage in a cone in front of him AD damage 70(+25 per level)60% damage from ad

W:Banish:Ruthra knocks all enemy's in in a moderate range back dealing damage and slowing there movement speed by 25%(5% per level)

E: Dual: Ruthra traps a single opponent in a a ring for 5 seconds forcing a 1v1 engagement (same rules as Jarvens ult)

R:summon army" Ruthra calls a flock of void flyers to aid him in battle
initial summon: the flock(gains 30 for each level) swarms around Ruthra dealing SLIGHT damage too any near by enemy's and protecting him for 10 damage each but enemy's will still have a 25% chance to hit Ruthra this lasts for 10 seconds
Second Third and Fourth casts: after the initial cast Ruthra can cast it up to 3 times more giving up a third of the initial swarm
if cast on an ally they will receive the effect of the swarm
if cast on an enemy the swarm will attack the target till the initial cast time is over dealing 25 per second(+25 each level)
if cast on self Ruthra consumes the flock healing for half there hp(5)
can be cast on multiple targets and on the same target multiple times
also for each cast the chance for an enemy to hit is increased by 25%

Concept and reasons:
so i thought up the void king because i wanted to shed a little light on what was happening in the void also cause we haven't seen a new tank i a while and there is no void tank (cho MAYBE) and for his kit i wanted to focus on kingly powers

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