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The Mastery of Doran's Blade (TMoDB) 2.0

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Frost Archer

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Sorry Kitty. Not too exciting. Yet.

Funny, I was suffering from my first ever nosebleed just prior to reading that. (Elbow to the face in basketball okay? Not from that).

I just realized that I have probably put three or more references into your fanfiction. If you want me to stop, let me know ^.^

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what's going to happen to Garen!?!

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Frost Archer

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Sorry Kitty. I ran out of time *laughs nervously* Done now.

Chapter 8 ~ She'll do that for a twenty

Oh no. When they told me to go after the general I never thought it would be him. Things just got a lot more complicated. - Katarina Du Couteau


Garen washed his face in the sink. As he looked up in the mirror, he saw Katarina behind him. He spun around. Nothing. He was just seeing things. Damn he thought I must be drunk.

Walking out, he looked around. Katarina was no where in sight. He went to the nearest Demacian.

"Where is that woman? And where is Jenkins?" he asked.

"No idea. He was walking off with someone." the man replied sluggishly.

Garen walked past the club. A woman struck a rather erotic pose and winked at him, but he waved her off. Insulted, she grabbed the nearest man and dragged him into the private dance rooms. Garen walked towards the rooms.

As he walked through the corridor, he heard things that sent shivers down his spine. Somewhere down the hall, a woman screamed. In the door across him, a man grunted in pain. This was happening in central Demacia? he thought.

"We came here with our general, babe."

Garen froze. That voice was Jenkins.

"Oh really? And what would his name be?"

A familiar woman's voice.

"Ha, you don't know? He went one on one with a Noxian assassin. They call him the Might of Demacia. Say, how did you get that sca-"

A choking sound.

"Well, enough questions. Took you long enough to find out, but I don't need you to start spilling my secrets."

The footsteps moved closer to the door. Garen held his breath as Katarina walked out. She turned without even looking at him. As her footsteps faded, Garen looked into the room. What he saw made him want to throw up. It was Jenkins alright. Tied to the bed with thick rope, with a gag hanging over the side of his mouth. His face still held an expression of lust. And he was dead.

Garen ran into the room. He could only look helplessly as blood slowly dribbled from the six inch dagger sticking out of his neck.

Suddenly Garen felt the cold touch of steel underneath his neck.

"Don't move" Katarina whispered into his ear.

Garen made no attempt to break free. She dragged him into the next room. Before he knew it, Katarina had tied his hands to the bed, the same way Jenkins was. Garen, realizing this, immediately started to struggle with his bonds. Katarina forced a gag onto him.

"Oh stop it" she chided "I'm not going to kill you. Yet." she added with a smile.

She got up.

"Look. Here's how it goes. I am going to ask you questions. You are going to answer them, nodding yes or no. If you don't" She let the threat hang in the air for a while. "There will be a lot more like Jenkins."

Garen immediately thought about the other twelve men outside. He nodded his head, yes.

Someone was walking out side. Immediately, Katarina struck a ridiculously provocative pose. Garen winced despite himself.

Snickering, Katarina slowly crawled onto him, causing his breath to run shallow. As she swung her leg across his body, she giggled "Looks like even the mighty Garen Crownguard is not immune to a little Noxian charm."

Garen did his best not to show any weakness, but that was already crumbling quickly.

"Do you know a man who goes by the title General Du Couteau?" She whispered into his ear.

Garen shook his head, no.

"Well let me tell you, he is my father. He is the General of the Noxian black ops division" she said in a voice as low as a whisper. "We get our rank through skill, not connections, so someone like him does not just disappear that easily. Now tell me, did you do anything to him?"

Garen shook his head again.

"Oh?" Katarina slowly slid a knife along his arm. Not deep enough to draw blood, but the message was clear. Lie, and I kill you.

"Do you know of anything regarding my father?"

Garen shook his head.

This time, the blade made a thin cut in his flesh. He bit down on his gag in pain, but did not cry out.

Katarina slid her hand over his chest, massaging and persecuting him at the same time. Garen's eyes snapped open in shock, but he still did not make a sound. As Katarina straddled him, his breathing became faster, and his head throbbed with the beat of his pulse. Along with the alcohol, Garen could not conjure a sane thought in his head.

Suddenly, the door flew open. Sona looked at Katarina, then at the cut in Garen's arm and immediately understood the situation. She made no sound, but her eyes flashed with anger. She unslung her etwahl from her back. Flexing her fingers, Garen could hear her voice.

Second song. Aria of Perseverance.

Immediately, Garen's head started to clear. The cut on his arm started to heal.

By now, Katarina had gotten over her shock. She jumped away from Garen, throwing knives at Sona.

Sona deflected the blades with a flick of her hand. The blades were not even close to her when they were suddenly tossed aside.

First Song. Hymn of Valor.

With each flick of her wrist, a cut appeared on Katarina's face, body, arms, or legs. Katarina cried out in pain. The ropes binding Garen split apart, leaving not so much as a scratch on his body.

Fourth song. Cresendo.

Sona's face showed no emotion as she played the chords, her hands a blur over her etwahl.

Katarina looked stunned. A wall of sound smashed into her, knocking her though the wall behind her.

Katarina hit the ground, battered but still alive. Casting one last hateful glance at Sona, she darted through the crowd until her red hair could no longer be discerned from the throng of people.

Garen looked at Sona in awe, but his expression soon turned to concern as she fell over unconscious.

Running over to her, he cradled her in his steel like frame. One of his men jogged over to see the cause of the commotion but Garen waved him away. Without a word, Garen slung her etwahl over his shoulder and scooped her up in his arms. The crowd parted as he walked away into the shadows.

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Thank you for allowing me to use some of it.

Also, great job! As the story progresses, I become more interested than before.
I await for more.

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Frost Archer

Senior Member


The issue at hand. Kat will definitely flirt with Garen.
Sona will definitely fall in love with Garen.

Ok, I hate it when a man chooses to flirt with two women or more (and vice versa-therefore I do not really like Twilight).

But I must introduce Riven, Ashe, and Ahri.

Ahri will make a move on him without doubt.
I don't know about Ashe - She seems a bit frosty
And Riven is a Noxian outcast yes, but still a Noxian...

So, The next few chapters can go down one of three paths.
Garen exiled - meets Riven
Garen recieves cry of help from Tryndamere - meets Ashe
Garen goes on quest for Lux - meets Ahri

I do intend for Garen to meet all three eventually, but what are the goods you want? If you choose a path, he will connect with that person more than the other two.

By the way, just because he meets Ahri will NOT end up in 53X. Just saying. Ashe and Ahri will make a move on Garen (hey, don't deny that he is a handsome bas-tard), and Riven will have a Love/Hate relation.

Then in the end, you can choose from 3 people again! : D Kat, Sona, or one of the three. (yes, Garen Kat true, but c'mon, there are too many of those fan fics. Try to get me something different to write about. >.&lt
AURGHHHH!!! I FEEL SO BIASED!!! I like Sona, Kat is already supposed to be with Garen, Ashe was my first champ (and Amethyst Ashe is dasexey), Riven is the only solo top I play (other than Garen ), and Ahri just seems to have a really sweet story. I wished I lived 5 lives so that I can write an individual story for each >.< (I like Lux too but Garen X Lux *shudders* They're siblings guys!)

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Senior Member


Hey! That's the joy of being a writer! You have the creative license to make things happen that you like! I mean obviously you will know when you're getting carried away but if you try and force something that you don't like it'll show. So if you like garen/sona then write it!

Buuuut I would say there are also too many fics about Ahri... Lol

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Frost Archer

Senior Member


Yes. There are no fics about Garen X Kat. Totally

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Senior Member


lol that's what I'm saying! If you want Garen/Sona then do it! It's not something you see around much

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Frost Archer

Senior Member


^Nope, not done that chapter. But out of time >.<

Looks like I really got myself into a bundle this time.
I guess that I'll make him meet Ahri in The Quest for Doran's ring (Yes that will be there. And there will be Xerath! )
Ashe? I dunno, maybe Strength of Doran's shield? (Darius and ------ DRAAAAAAAAVANNNNNN!!!!!!!)
Ohhhkayyy. Hi Riv!

I'm sorry Sona. I have been swayed. Katarina is a way better laner than you. Much more flexible (Both in game and in body). I feel so disloyal T.T Don't even get me started on Ashe. It's not her fault that she was my first champ, nor is it that she is hot in her amethyst skin *Gasp - procedes to have the tar beaten out of me by both Kat and Sona*

Anyway, my chapters are getting shorter because I am having WAYYYYY to many thoughts on my mind. That, and to add on to my failing english grade, is causing me a bit of a headache. I get too many ideas >.< If writing were my full time job, i'd be in heaven!

*on another note, I think I have ADHD... ('.' )

I really want to go back and add more detail to my previous chapters. They are only a thousand words long each. Percy Jackson has over 10 000. I feel that they go through different ideas to fast. (Yes you dolts, that would mean that I need to extend the sexy time with Kat). I really need a cookie...

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Senior Member


Oh take care of dem grades! *kicks butt* xD

But I feel yah on going back and adding details.... >.> I need to do the same lol...