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The Mastery of Doran's Blade (TMoDB) 2.0

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Frost Archer

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TGoD [Unfinished]

TMoDB [Finished. Needs revising]
TQfDR [Unfinished]

Hey y'all. Okay. Now I have revised my work to make it easier on the eyes. I decided to not double space but rather use tabs to show a new paragraph. *[Edit]* Actually, it does not show, looks like I'll have to put a space between paragraphs
And would it kill you to leave a remark? A constructive one preferably?

Authour's note:
This is the story of how Garen met Katarina, and how he got his ridiculously large sword. There may be a little mushiness in there with [name removed].

My idea is that the champions are NOT 50 ft tall and that they are in similar in height to minions. In here, Demacia is blue and Noxus is purple. Garen starts off as a minion and all minions carry swords. Casters may be replaced with archers from time to time.

Garen Crownguard. The might of Demacia. What was it like, before Garen became a legend? How did he acquire his sword, and how did he learn his powers? Find out in the Mastery of Doran's Blade.

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Frost Archer

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My name is Garen Crownguard. I am the older brother of the Lady of Luminosity, guard to The Officer of the Dauntless Vangurd. And I am about to die.

The Officer was not an important man, but he had trained us for 3 years. Today we are on an assault on Noxus.

The Demacia/Noxus War has been raging from the day I was born. The king at the time, Jarvan Lightsheild the first, was a power hungry man. He conquered land in the name of Demacia. When he set his eyes on Noxus, he should've backed down. Now, with the fool dead, he passed on his battle down to us. 
Noxus does not forgive. After Demacia waged war, we knew that Noxus would not surrender unless they were destroyed, or we were.

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Frost Archer

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Chapter I ~ Flash of Red

This is my first battle. Wearing my blue cloak over my armour, I put on my mask. It was made of wood, carved into a fearsome design. But the Noxians were not far off the fear chapter. With their purple cloaks and concealed faces, we did not know what they looked like. For all we knew, they could have been dead men, but reanimated with dark magic.

The General of the Dauntless Vanguard was assassinated yesterday. One of his guards mentioned a “flash of red” before passing away. Swearing revenge, we ambushed the Noxians and killed many of them. Then came the red.

 - Garen Crownguard


Garen could not process it. One by one, Demacians fell. Garen, quick on his feet, noticed the red flash moving towards The Officer. Running across the battleground, he made a wild swing of his sword. It collided with a crudely curved blade. The assassin came to a stop, and Garen got a good look at him. No. Not him. Her.

Her slender body was dressed in black, studded with spikes and blades. Her intense green eyes flashed with anger. But her most prominent feature, was her hair. Long, smooth, and fiery red.

She's beautiful Garen thought.

He faltered.

 Her eyebrows narrowed. As Garen brought his sword back for another swing, she feinted and kicked him 10 feet away.
 Garen groaned in pain. His armour weighed him down.

Impossible he thought I have got to outweigh her.

As he got up, she flashed towards him, moving so fast she seemed to disappear and reappear right in front of him. He barely parried the strike.

What fearsome power he thought.

“You're too slow” she sneered.

With her second sword, she easily sliced through Garen's. The assassin put her palm on the ground and 30 blades flew out of the air around her. Ten hit Garen. The rest flew past him and smashed into The Officer.

"No!" shouted Garen.
 With all his strength, he slashed at the elegant assassin. She jumped back but wore a stunned look on her face. The blade had not touched her, yet the leather armour she wore had a large gash on it.

Garen looked up to see a yellow aura surrounding him. Something flew past his eye. Alarmed, Garen jumped back. He looked at himself on the flat of his blade and gasped. There were three flying shields, rotating around him. In a state of half trauma, he limped to The Officer. As the yellow aura faded, he raised his blade to look at himself again. This time, he noticed that the blade was broken.

Garen suddenly realized what had allowed him to cut the mysterious assassin. When the assassin sliced through his sword, the momentum propelled the tip off. Severed clean off at the top, the shard had lodged itself into the assassin.

By the time Garen reached The Officer, he was breathing hard. He pulled on one of the assassin's blades, but the sudden rush of blood made him reconsider his choice.

He noticed The Officer's lips moving, but it was silent.

"Sir?" asked Garen.

"Take the blade" rasped The Officer. "Use the blade. Learn the blade. Remember the Code. Never surrender."

Garen understood what he meant. Demacians have a strict "zero tolerance" code that they they all abided by, citizens and soldiers alike. But the bit about the blade, Garen did not make sense of.

Garen reached over and grabbed The Officer's sword. He thrust it into his hands. But The Officer had already drawn his final breath. Whether by chance or with the last of his will power, The Officer made an unmistakable gesture. Garen was to have the blade.

Garen stood up, shaking in rage. When he turned towards the assassin, now getting up from her wound, even she had a look of fear, if only for a split second.

"What is your name assassin?" Garen roared.

"Katarina Du Couteau." She replied. "The Sinister Blade."

"Well than today will be a day of great triumph, where I, Garen Crownguard, shall slay you!"

"Don't get too over your head."

"Then come forth. You will find honour in death!"

 Garen charged towards her, the yellow aura forming around him again.

This time Katarina was able to see what happened. When the shields formed one by one, they always formed from the west, from Demacia.

 It must be a mage she thought A mage from Demacia. All I need to do is to sever the connection. 

Katarina pounced.
 Leaping into the air, she put her body opposite to Garen. Then, using her blades, she made a pentagon in the ground around Garen. The area inside the pentagon flashed with a radiant light. When the light faded, the three shields surrounding Garen were gone.

"Hmph, you've got a nerve to fight against me while being supported by a mage." Katarina sneered.
"I've been fighting against my sister for years. Did you really think I would not learn to counter it?"

Garen looked at her with a confused look on his face. 
"What in the name of Demacia are you talking about?"

Now it was Katarina's turn to look confused. 
"You mean you don't have a mage supporting you?"

Garen shook his head. "I don't know what you mean." He ran, the shields forming again.

“Impossible!" Katarina cried "That should have stopped your mana flow for at least another hour!"

"Mana? What is mana?" Garen asked, while parrying a blade.

"Why you really are clueless aren't you?" Katarina taunted.

"Doesn't look like you know much about it either." Garen retorted.

With that, the two of them clashed again and again. They hardly paid any attention to their fellow soldiers, entranced within their own waltz of honed sabres. They fought for six days and six nights, until the last of their men were crawling back to lick their wounds. They were both heavily injured, but neither would back down until one fell. The remaining soldiers watched them frolic around each other, listening to the melody of striking blades. Now, with the afternoon sun glaring down at them, they started to slow down.

It was harder for Garen. His bulky armour made it hard to keep up with the nimble footed assassin. On the verge of collapse, Garen almost lost hope when he heard the thunder of feet, coming from the east. Katarina seemed to sense this and pounced. Her blades flashed, and two deep cuts gushed from each of Garen's shoulders. She spun and kicked him in the chest, causing him to fall hard.

I could end this Garen thought as he lay on the ground Why bother fighting anymore? No one is coming for me anyway.

 Garen relaxed his grip on his sword. He let his head fall back and closed his eyes.

"Giving up so soon?" Katarina teased.

She is breathless too. 
Garen could hear the voices of his fellow soldiers shouting faintly, screaming in defiance.

"Oh come on! Get up!" Katarina yelled. "It's no fun killing you when you just give up."

Get at me Garen thought.

"That's it, if you don't get up, I'll just kill you!"

One last look he thought.

 When he opened his eyes, he did not just see Katarina, with her blades flashing in the air. He saw an army. Clad in blue. Led by his sister.

 Quickly, Garen grabbed the sword. He parried the blade that would have cut his neck.

"I'm sorry" He said. "I'll give it all I've got now."

 He charged and felt power coursing through his veins. He slashed and hacked for all that he was worth, but Katarina was not as tired as she looked. She deftly blocked each blow and countered herself. In one last act of desperation, he stabbed his sword into the ground and yelled in defiance.


A gasp coursed through the army. A great sword fell from the heavens, mirroring the motion and speed of Garen's blade. Katarina had jumped out of the way, but the giant blade grazed her, downwards in a line straight as a ruler, right down her left eye.

Garen's shoulders slumped. His sudden burst of energy had left him. He fell, out cold before he hit the floor.

Katarina saw her chance. She lunged at his now inert body.

The commander raised his spear and a wall of stone sprouted from the ground around Garen.

That young girl waved her staff and suddenly a cage of light surrounded Katarina. By the time the light faded, the army had reached her target and were starting to surround her.

With a snarl, she spun in a short circle whilst throwing her last few blades. She jumped toward one the one man farthest from the rest and pulled out her blade. As the other three were still falling, she threw the blade at her pursuers. It bounced around them, slicing at major blood vessels. Blood bloomed from each man it touched. It flew towards the young woman, but she created a bubble around her. Before the young girl could counter the assassin, Katarina was gone.

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Frost Archer

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Chapter two ~ Honey and Tea

My brother is an idiot. I mean, seriously. Who in their straight mind just lies there in the middle of the battlefield? If he told me himself that he had been fighting for six days and nights, I would have dismissed him as a liar. But the fool has his little buddies that are now babbling about how the two of them were entranced in their dance of clashing blades and all that mushy stuff. I mean, seriously. It's not as if he fell in love with her. - Luxanna Crownguard


Garen woke up in a tent. With his sister staring down at him in distain.

"What?" He asked.

"You drool in your sleep you know that?"

Garen quickly wiped his mouth and got up embarrassed. As he sat up, he winced in pain.

"You'll reopen your wounds if you don't watch it." She scolded.

Garen started to get up, then fell and face-planted onto the ground.

"Your an embarrassment you know that?"

Garen got up, ignoring her. He stumbled toward the water pitcher on the table opposite to his bed.

"You could have just asked me to get you something."

Garen poured his cup of water.
 Is that black or green tea? Garen thought.

"It's green"

Garen sighed. His sister was famous. She was "The Child Prodigy". But sometimes, she knew him better than himself. She may not be able to exactly read his mind, but she could often guess what he was thinking.

"Would you look at me?" she snapped.

Garen turned to face his sister. Her blonde hair was tucked behind her ear. Most people mistook him to be her bodyguard. No one believed it when he said they were related.

"Stop ignoring me! Look, I care about you! Would you stop acting like a fool?"

 her voice raising.

"How am I acting like a fool?"

"Oh. That's how you want to play it, is it? Seriously, I saved your life!" she exploded.

"Yes. You did that.” He said gravely “What do you think other people will think when a 20 year old man's sister saved his life?"

"Is that ALL you care about? You and your stupid little Demacian honour?"

Without any warning, Garen reached out, grabbed her by the throat. He would have slammed her into the ground, but his body had not mended as well as he thought. His knees buckled and he fell to his sister's feet.

Lux looked at him in dismay and walked toward the entrance of the tent.

"You never understood the importance of family Garen. You really need to figure out what is more important to you, your country, or your family."

 With that, she walked out the tent.

With effort, Garen climbed back onto his bed. A while later, another face appeared.

Jarvan IV.

He and Garen were close friends when they were young. Garen even saved his life once. But now, Jarvan only looked at him with regret.

"Blast it Garen." He muttered. "How could you raise a hand on your sister?"

"She insulted Demacia."

 A curt reply.

Jarvan looked at his friend.
"And would you have killed her if not for your injuries?"

"Zero tolerance."

Jarvan sighed. "I regret teaching you that. You have to listen to me. You can't just cut your ties with your family."

"I damn well could if I wanted to."

"And tarnish the name of the Crownguard family?"

No reply. He knew that hit a sore spot.

"As your commanding officer" Jarvan started.

"I think I'll have some tea right now."

"As your friend." Jarvan stressed. "I want you to take time off from the Dauntless Vanguard. Or what's left of it."

"Do you think I should add honey or sugar?"

 Garen replied, deliberately ignoring his statement.

"And go apologize to your sister."

"Honey it is."

Jarvan sighed again. "You can't go on like this forever."

Garen sipped his tea.

"I'll clear your name. We will announce that I was the one that saved you. Which is true " he added to Garen's glare. 
"Yes, that'll work. We can make it seem like a repayment of debt, from that time."

"We were eight then."

"For god's sake Garen! You went one on one with an assassin for six days! Isn't that honourable enough?"

"I couldn't avenge The Officer."

 Garen said, his voice full of remorse.

Jarvan fumed in frustration. 
"Just go home, we'll clean up the mess here."

Garen opened his mouth to protest.

"THAT'S AN ORDER!" Jarvan bellowed.

 Then, spinning on his heel, Jarvan briskly walked out the door.

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Frost Archer

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Chapter 3 ~ Blue Mana

I'm not really angry at Luxanna. More at myself. And I was probably kind of cold to Jarvan. I guess I'll apologize the next time I see either one of them. However what intrigues me more is that impressive feat I did with the sword. I don't even know what I was supposed to do; I just did it. And what was mana? I guess I'll ask Luxanna about it later. - Garen Crownguard


“Okay Luxanna, what do you want me to do?”

“Stop calling me Luxanna! I said call me Lux!”

“When you're my age you'll realize just how stupid that name is.”

“Did you just call me stupid?.”

Garen paled “You know I did not mean it that way!”

Four days into his “time off”. This was the third time that day Garen asked Lux to forgive him.
 It was also the third time Lux evaded in complying. And just to insult him even more, she was paying more attention to her apple cider than him. It was infuriating.

Garen was starting to get impatient.
 One more time.

“Come on Luxanna, I already told you I was sorry.” he pleaded.

Lux thought for a moment. 
A devilish gleam flashed in Lux's eyes.

Uh oh Garen thought.

“I want you to beg.” Lux said.

A small noise escaped from Garen's mouth. He knew very well what would happen if he did that. Lux didn't exactly have a small mouth. He would become the laughing stock of Demacia in no time.

Lux laughed at him while he tried to make words come out of his mouth, failing miserably.
 She was having a nice time torturing Garen.

“Very well” he groaned. “As long as you swear to not tell anyone.”

She shook her head, hiding a smile. “I don't think you're in any position to negotiate.”

Garen hesitated. Then, as if making a decision, he finally spoke.

“I, Garen Crownguard, beg of thee, Luxanna Crownguard, to forgive me.” he muttered.

“Ok. What did you want to ask me?”

 Garen raised an eyebrow, a little miffed that his apology was taken so lightly.

Why you really are clueless aren't you?

The words rang into his head. He did not know why, but he suddenly flashed back to the battle. Her upturned nose, with a smirk that could be seen a mile away. Without knowing, he blushed.

“Errr. How should I put this? What is mana?”

Luxanna just about choked on her cider.
 “Mana?” she asked incredulously “How could you not know what mana is? It is the base of spiritual energy essential to the harnessing of arcane energy which allows all mages the ability to bend certain laws of the universe! Or in short, what you call magic!”

“Right. Next time, keep it simple from the beginning” Garen muttered.

“That was the simple version you dunce.”

Most grown men would not have dared to call Garen anything of the sort. But Garen was more afraid of Lux then she of him. He hated to admit it, but Lux really was a genius. And she was capable of completely wasting him any time she wished.

That didn't sit well with Garen. He trained himself because he knew his sister was smarter than him. Yet why did she have to be stronger too?
 Time to change the subject.

“About that sword, the one that fell from the sky.”
 he started.

“Yea! That was pretty impressive. When did you learn to do that?”

Garen blushed.

Lux looked at him, crestfallen.
"You don't know how to use it?"

"Back there, it just struck me. I simply knew how to do it then."

Lux just stared at him.

"Yea, I don't know how to use it." he added sheepishly. "I was hoping you could help me out on that part."

"Well doing something on that scale would have required a massive reserve of mana,” she said to herself “and you say you don't know how to manipulate your mana, right?"

"Um, right, what was mana again?"

Lux slapped him.
 "You're hopeless you know that?"

"Hey! Don't get on my case. I wasn't some child prodigy that could recreate magic spells after seeing them once!"

"Well,” she said, pleased at the compliment, “at least you admit that I'm smarter than you."

"I said nothing of the sort."

"My point is, if you know nothing about mana, I can't help you recreate that stunt you pulled, even if you had mana pools as large as Xerath himself!"


"The most powerful mage to have ever walked this planet."

"Look, if you say I can't cast magic without knowing about mana, how did I do it back there?"

"Beats me."

Lux looked up to see Garen staring at her.

"Yes Garen, there are things even I don't know. Who would've thought so." she said sarcastically.

"Great. So I'll never be able to do that again?"

"Let's not give up hope yet. What where you thinking about when you brought down the blade?."

Garen's ears turned red.
 "Uh. I was thinking about how I was not going to let a single Noxian enter Demacia. Demacian honour. The like."

"Spare me." Lux said in disgust.

Then, she suddenly perked up, as if she had an idea.
"Wait, there is a possibility that-" her expression darkened. "No. It can't be."

Then, without another word, she ran back the way they had come.

"Luxanna?" Garen asked as he ran after her. "Luxanna! Where are you going?

"Something I read about the other day. It may just explain your powers. Hurry! The Grand Library closes in half an hour!"

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Frost Archer

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Chapter 4 ~ Spirit of Demacia

Okay. Seriously, I have a bad feeling about this. The other day, I took a bet, saying I could recite the thickest non-historical or encyclopaedic book in the Grand library in 48 hours. Pulled two all nighters. But now I'm kind of glad I did that. I mean, seriously. It's almost as if fate wanted me to read it, knowing that I would require the knowledge one day. But if I read it right, that could mean that Garen is in big trouble. He hates publicity, you know that?
 - Luxanna Crownguard


“As I thought.” Lux said as she pulled out an enormous book from a shelf.

Spirits and Primal Forces of Runeterra

“Uh, you think I'm possessed?” Garen snickered.

“As a matter of fact, yes, I do.”

That wiped the grin off Garen's face.

“What!” He shouted, which immediately caused the librarian to give him a dirty look. “Do I need to preform some kind of ritual? Will being possessed mean I'll lose control of my body?”

“Heh, not so now tough are you?”

She flipped through the book, painfully, not to mention deliberately, slowly.

“You see” She told him “since you have no control over your mana, you would have needed a very skilled mage to do it for you. I was wondering who could possibly fit that role when –.” 
Her voice trailed off.


She stopped at that page. Following her finger down the page, she paused at The Spirit of Demacia.

She read aloud.

It is accepted that an unnamed sorceress was the founder of the city, Demacia. Devoting her entire life to the prosperity of the city, she designed all parts of it, without letting human inhabitants enter before she was done. Sad to say, she died before her work was completed. Pleading to the stars, legends say that she was allowed to remain in Demacia as its beacon, whispering in the ears of men, completing her life goal. However, she eventually became so attached to the city, that she refused to pass on. The stars punished her, by taking away her voice, but not her mind. It is believed that if a human ever showed great love for her country, she would bless them, even if without her voice.

Luxanna exhaled through her nose. “Guess that explain's it.”

Garen sat there with his eyes facing the ceiling. He could barely process any of it. So the founder of his country wanted to bless him, yet could not talk to him. Why did that sound so familiar?

Garen's eyes snapped open.
 He bolted upright.
 Luxanna gave a short squeal of surprise.

“I think I know what I must do.” he announced.

“What?” Lux inquired.

“I need to talk with her” he said “She can help me sort through this!”

“Did you miss it when I said that they took away her voice?” She reminded him.

“Yes! I mean no! Who do we know that can not talk to us, but gets her point across through music?”

Lux's eyes widened with realization.

“Sona.” she breathed

“The Maven of the Strings.” he nodded.

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Frost Archer

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Chapter 5 ~ The Maven of the Strings

A little bit about Sona before you meet her. She is an attractive woman, adopted by the Buvelle house, who can not speak. Or rather, not make any sound in general. She uses a mystical instrument, called an etwahl. Her music is almost as beautiful as she is. I have met her from time to time, when the Crowguard house meets with the other houses. She always seems to look at me funny. And she has blue hair. - Garen Crownguard


Garen rushed to the Buvelle house with Lux trailing behind. Soon, Garen's loud pounding echoed through the large manor. A couple minutes later, there was no reply.

Garen shifted on his feet uncomfortably.

“Maybe no one's home.” Lux said helpfully.

Then the door opened. Sona looked sleepy but when she saw Garen, she seemed to wake up real fast. Was she blushing? Lux thought.

Quickly rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Sona pulled the door back, an open guesture for them to enter. She cocked her head at them as if to say what brings you here at this hour?

Lux looked at a clock and suddenly realized that it was already ten o'clock.

“Sorry to bother you. My brother has a proposal for you.” Lux said.

Sona suddenly blushed so deeply, that it took Lux exactly ten seconds to realize how that sounded.

“W-well,” Garen started “What my sister meant to say is that I would like to talk with you about something that has been on my mind for a while.”

Lux rolled her eyes. Yes Garen she thought she totally won't get the wrong idea from that.

Sona smiled faintly. She beckoned them to follow her upstairs. As they entered her room, Lux realized with a start that Garen was a full head and a half taller than either of the girls.

She looked around. A simple room, furnished with only a bed, wardrobe and her etwahl. The bed looked like it had been recently used.
 She must have been sleeping when we woke her Lux thought guiltily.

Sona looked back to see Garen walking in. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth, but made no sound as he walked right into the doorframe.

As he staggered back, Lux saw a nasty cut on his head which was starting to bruise. Dazed he stumbled and reached out, smashing a hole into the wall.

Sona quickly motioned for Lux to bring him in. The two girls struggled to hold him aloft and Garen kept on tripping over Sona's long robes. Finally, the two heaved him onto the bed.

Dragging over her etwahl, Sona positioned his head on her lap. Then she started to strum a short aria on the etwahl.

Lux watched with facination as the cut started to heal. Eventually, the bruise faded as well.

Lux used her magic to fix the hole in the wall, and then went to the bathroom to get a towel in order to scrub off the blood on the doorframe.

As Sona finished her aria, the blood on Garen's face flaked off and crumbled into dust. No one would have thought he had a serious injury earlier.

Garen opened his eyes. When he realized his situation, he quickly got up, blushing heavily. He rubbed his head.

“What happened?” he asked “How did I suddenly get to the bed?”

Sona strummed a chord on her etwahl.

You hit your head on the doorframe. You might have suffered a minor concussion.

Garen spun to look at Sona, but she had not opened her mouth. Yet he swore he heard a woman speak to him.

Usually Sona signed with her hands, and people would get the idea what she was saying. If she needed to, she would sometimes write on a piece of paper. But a voice had definitely filled his head.

“Did you say that?” he asked.

She strummed another chord on her etwahl.


Okay, why not? he thought.

“Look, I wanted to ask you, if there was any other way one could communicate without speaking, gestures, or writing it down.” he said.

Well, I often use my etwahl, but the only other thing I can think of is telepathy.

“Why don't you use it?” he asked

I have tried. But in order to communicate with one, I need to talk with another telepathic. You don't seem to know how to use magic so I can not talk with you that way.

“Can you teach me how?” He asked hopefully.

Sona pursed her lips. She strummed on the etwahl again.

Have you been taught how to use mana?

Garen groaned. Sona gave a faint smile when she saw his shoulders slump.

It's okay. At least we can still converse this way.

Suddenly Sona tensed. She stared at Garen, but her gaze seemed, fractured. Then she straightened and started to play on the etwahl.

Listen carefully Garen Crownguard. I do not have much time. Luckily you came to this girl. I learned how to play the etwahl several years before I died. You must find out how to use the blade. Look for a man named Doran. He is the one who forged your blade. Free me from my curse. Oh no... they've found me. Hurry!

And with that, Sona's eyes lost focus and she fell forward. Garen snapped out of his shock. He quickly grabbed her before she hit the ground and eased her back on the bed. He gently put her head back on her pillow. He hovered over her, eyes full of concern. Ever so softly, Garen brushed his fingers down Sona's cheek. Sona's eyes slowly opened. She tilted her head questioningly. A cough came from the door. Garen and Sona looked up to see Lux leaning on the doorway.

“This is not what it looks like” Garen said weakly.

Lux wouldn't stop smiling.

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Frost Archer

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Chapter 6 ~ Dining With the Crownguards

Ugh. Luxanna is so annoying. She gets the worst idea's ever, came in at the worst time ever, and did the worst thing she could've done. I mean, if I were to walk into her in a time like that, I would have walked away. She ruined a perfectly good moment right there. And NO! That's not what I meant. I am not having an affai- you know what? Just drop it. - Garen Crownguard


“You know, I think you two really connected there.” her voice dripping with false respect.

“Cram it Lux” Garen growled.

“That's what she'll say in a few months.”

“What? That doesn't even make any sense!” It didn't, but Garen could feel his face turning red.

“Maybe not but-” Lux's eyes suddenly lit up. “Hey! You called me Lux!”

“I did nothing of the sort” Garen huffed, before storming off.

Lux laughed as she skipped behind him.

“You two make a really cute couple”

Garen really wished that she would shut it now. They walked right by several soldiers who snapped to attention. Huh? Garen thought. Why are they standing to attention?

“Did you see how red her face looked when she saw you?”

The guards were clearly trying to keep a straight face. But they also leaned in to hear what Lux had to say.

Great. Garen thought. I can always count on Lux to be totally oblivious.

As they rounded the corner, they saw the Crownguard Manor. Swinging open the gates, Garen walked inside. When he opened the door, he saw Jarvan talking with his mother. Garen froze.

“What's going on?” he asked.

Jarvan turned. When he saw Garen, his face turned as red as a tomato.

“Where were you?” He shouted.

Garen was obviously perplexed at his friends sudden loss of composure.

“We've been looking for you all over the city! Where have you been?”

“At the library.” Garen said stupidly.

“Why didn't you report in for duty today?” He asked, his anger barely controlled. “We gave you a full days notice.”

Lux chose the perfect time to speak up. “Oh yea. Garen, there was a guy that came here to tell you that your break was over. I told him I would tell you.”

Jarvan stared at Lux “And you just happened to forget to tell him?”

“Maybe.” Lux said coyly.

Jarvan shook his head in disbelief. “Anyway, as I was saying to your mother earlier. You've been promoted.”

“To?” Garen prompted.


Garen stared at him, silenced. Jarvan smiled.

“I told you I would fix everything.” he said. “Congratulations. You start duty in three days. I just came to drop off your new armour.”

Garen walked to a chair and sat down, completely dumbfounded.

Garen's mother spoke up. “Well, huzzah and all that. Let's have dinner, shall we?”

Despite Lilia's offers, Jarvan insisted that he was needed back in city hall.

“Why? Do you sleep there?” Lux had asked.

“She doesn't mean anything disrespectful.” Garen quickly filled for her.

As Jarvan left, Lux made a face through the window. Garen quickly pulled her back.

“Will you grow up?” Garen hissed.

“It's like, ten thirty, what are they going to need him at city hall for?”

Garen couldn't answer.

“Dinner's ready!” Lillia called from the kitchen.


“So” Lillia said as they sat down. “Where did you two actually go?”

“The library.”

“That closed an hour ago, hon.”

Garen sipped his soup.

“Yes but we were there for a while.”

“So it took you an hour to come home?”

“We made a couple detours.”

“You're twenty years old now Garen. You should see some women.”

Lux looked at him from across the table. Garen glared at her.

“Garen saw one today.”

“LUXANNA!” Garen cried.

“Oh,” Lillia said, her interest suddenly piqued. “Who?”

“She's a musician.” Lux supplied.

Garen looked down at his soup.

“I'll be going to sleep now” he annouced.

Just as he got up, Lux said “She is also from a royal family.”

Garen bounded towards the stairs.

“Awww. Garen that's so sweet!” Lillia cooed.

When they heard a door slam, Lux and Lillia burst out laughing.

Then she turned to Lux. “Is it Fiora?”

“Mom, I said musician.”


Garen fumed in his room. Now both Lux and his mother were going to torment him! Taking off his leather vest, he unbuttoned his shirt. Casually tossing his shirt onto a chair, he crawled into bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

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Chapter 7 ~ Martini's, Girls, and a Ton of Bad Luck

Luxanna is really annoying. From that day after, she would try to find every and any reason for me to be near her. But the today was a completely different case. -Garen Crownguard


Garen woke up. To screaming. Rather, screaming in his face. Bolting up, he lashed out. Still in a state of half asleepness, he looked around blearily.

"Garen! Your going to be late!"

That would be his mom.

The one screaming in his face, on the other hand, was Lux.

"WHERE DID YOU GET THIS SWORD?" she screamed into his ear.

"GET WHAT?" he shouted back.

"Doran's blade. The original Doran's blade." She said as if it were obvious.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about?" He looked at Lux. "And how did you even get into my room?"

Lux raised his sword. Reflexively, Garen flinced.

"My officer gave it to me." He said "As he died."

"Smart man" Lux said approvingly "Better give it to you than let it be snatched away by the Noxians."

"You still haven't answered my question."



"I unlocked the doors with magic."

"No! I meant what is so special about the sword?"

Lux stared at him, completely mystified. "So you're telling me, that you've had Doran's blade all this time, and you didn't know you had it."

"I don't even know who Doran is! What makes you think I would have any idea about his sword?"

"Take the blade. Use the blade. Learn the blade. Remember the Code. Never surrender."

"What?" Garen spun towards his sister.

"Over here, inscribed on the hilt." Lux turned the blade so he could see.

Garen quickly crawled out of bed and threw on a shirt. I've heard those lines before, he thought. But where?

He looked at the hilt of the blade. "I don't see anything."

Lux sighed in exasperation. "Right there." She pointed to a spot in the middle of the hilt.

But it was smooth. Nothing was there. Garen even rubbed his thumb over it. Nothing.

"Okay. Just tell me why it is important enough for you to scream at me at-" Garen looked towards the clock "ten thirty-five in the morning."

Lux opened her mouth to answer, but without warning, Garen spun around to face the clock. "Ten thirty-five! I'm late!"

Garen quickly put on his vest from the chair and struggled with his trousers. He looked into the mirror and groaned. He had a serious case of bed hair. His hair stuck up on the left side, while the right was flat. He quickly went to the sink and put his head under the faucet. When he was sure that his entire head was wet, he dried himself off and started to madly comb his hair.

All this time, Lux was watching him in amusement. "You know, you would have spent much less time if you weren't so formal all the time." Then she smiled. "Getting ready for a date?"

Garen froze. Turning around he looked at his sister straight in the eye. "Luxanna. Let me get this through to your over inflated head. I am a warrior. She is a peaceful little musician."

Lux shrugged "Opposites attract" she said.

Garen laughed "If that were the case, then I would be in love with a Noxian right now." He turned to look at Lux. "How did you do that?"

Lux looked a him. "What?" she said, puzzled.

"Your hair, your clothes" he said. "They are perfect without a single wrinkle."

"Magic can be useful you know." she said mischievously.

Garen looked at her jealously. "Could you, ah-" Garen struggled to get the words out.

"Could I what?" Lux asked, with a grin as large as her face would allow. She loved torturing him.

Garen winced, admitting defeat. "Could you do the same for me?" he said, practically choking on the last few words.

Lux somehow managed to make her grin even wider.



Garen went down the stairs two steps at a time. Nodding a quick "Good morning" to his mother, he grabbed a toast and stuffed it into his mouth. He was out the door before Lillia could greet him in return.

As Garen jogged down the street, he saw the bakery opening. His stomach growled but he did not have time to stop. Saluting to a few passing guards, Garen barrelled through the door of the Dauntless Vanguards Barracks. Thirteen soldiers jumped to their feet.

Garen looked around. "Where are the rest of the men?" he asked.

One of the soldiers stepped up. "We are all that's left sir."

Another one, one wearing a blue cape, stood up. Garen nodded to let him speak.

"Lieutenant Jenkins Sir! Jarvan IV left this note for you the other day."

Garen took the note from Jenkins. He deftly ripped off the edge of the envelope and read.

Greetings Garen Crownguard,
The Dauntless Vanguard has been effectively decimated. I leave it to you to restore the Vanguard to fighting capability in two months. Good luck.
Jarvan Lightsheid IV

Garen crumpled up the note. Jarvan sure had some humour. He walked over to a stack of advertisements. Chance to join the Dauntless Vanguard. These had not been used since the beginning of the Vanguard. There were still some hundred left. He quickly divided them into fourteen stacks. Turning to the men, he said.

"New objective. Post these flyers where everyone can see them. Meet me hear at seven o'clock sharp, or you'll be doing fifty push-ups for every minute you're late." He handed out the packages. "Dismissed."


By seven o'clock, everyone had gotten back on time.

The lieutenant, Jenkins, stepped up. "Permission to speak sir?"

Garen nodded his head. "Granted."

Sharing an inside smile with the other men, Jenkins said. "There is a new bar that has opened. Care to join us?"

Garen knew that he shouldn't be caught drunk.

"C'mon" Jenkins said "They have draft beer and martini's. What's not to like?"

Garen's willpower crumbled. Smiling, he heard himself say "Ah, why not?"

The bar was not what Garen thought it would be. It was not some small cottage in the outskirts of Demacia. Rather, it was in the middle of it. The Grande Hotel, with a small bar inside of a club. The men took bets on how much their commanding officer could drink. But they were all closely watching him, watching where he watched, and watching his expression.

Garen, oblivious to his men, gazed around the bar. His breath froze. It was her. Sona. Playing her etwahl in the corner. He choked on his drink, causing a couple people to turn their heads, but he was mostly ignored.

Paying no attention to the smirks of his men, he averted his eyes. What he saw next actually caused him to fall off his chair. He hoped no one noticed. No such luck. A large group of people turned to look at him. Quickly getting up, he made his way to the restroom.

His luck couldn't be that bad. Could it? It was her. He wouldn't have recognized her in that cat like get up, but the scar gave her away.

It was Katarina Du Couteau.

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k-kitty kat Katarina at the bar? *nosebleed* And Sona? This could get exciting o-o