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[Game][CRITICAL] Map size too small

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Might as well add: I'm not liking the new fonts you are using in the pbe right now. I mean fonts in chat log and in skill descriptions. For chat box, font is EXTREMELY small, and it's the chatbox guys, cmon.... the only place where the font is really needed to be clear and big enough ¬¬. On the other side, skills descriptions font is waaay too thin for my taste, but it might be just for me, other people might be ok (don't think it's the case with chatbox, pretty sure a lot more than me hate it) Lastly, i'd like the kills announcing boxes appear in the same size as the regular one, even when you reduce your interface size.

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i agree with TATORIOS the chatbox font is way too small, in special lowercase "T"s. which are almost invisible, for a moment i thought it was on minimum or something but when i entered options its already the biggest the font!
i have myopia and i have to center my sight on the chat box to read what the team say, getting distracted from the battle,also, the item icons in the scoreboard are small too, and there is too much empty space in the scoreboard it gets distracting to see how the team goes in sum to the little fonts it has