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Stop trying to fix support..

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Support is not as 'broken' as you think it is!

Sure we could get some support dedicated items (perhaps an item to act as a heal or AD steroid to make supports like Zyra even more viable than they already are). But overall there is nothing wrong with the support role right now.

The utility masteries offer great bonuses for supports.

For those of you who say support is gold hungry, I agree.. to an extent. Supports don't really need that much gold for the early game. Early game you should be focused on warding, saving your ADC, and, if you have the gold, getting your gp10s. If you need more gold even after buying phil stone and HoG, then buy Kage's.

I'm sick of people claiming to play support, and then trying to build AP carry items (like rabadons). Then they end up whining that they have no gold, ends up with no wards, and forces the ADC (me in this particular case) to buy wards. It is ridiculous. Be better at your gold management and you will have no problems...

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Rabadons is a good ending item on some supports. It gives their scaling utility abilities some meat to them. I cap my Lulu build with a Rabadons to give the shield, the ult, and my Glitterlance a little more edge.

The variety in support items being provided in Season Three reclects, I think, just a wider available spread of options for those who want to play support. There are more choices one can make. I haven't really heard anyone complaining about support being "broken", but then I could be not as keyed into the community as you are.

Heart of Gold is being removed in Season Three. There are a handful of fun, interesting looking items that are being brought in so supports can change up their typical builds, and make more choices to affect their team. Should be a blast.