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[Guide] Sona and Her Many Faces(Aura, AP, and Tank Modes Discussed)

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Hello! If you're reading this now you are either extremely bored as you surf through the LoL forums or you're actually interested in playing one of the best champions available, Sona, the Maven of the Strings. There are many builds that are possible choices when playing as her, some better then others. This guide however, combines the typical two builds that people strive for in a game, as well as my own creation that his been extremely successful to this date.

About me: To get a better idea of whose writing this guide, let me tell you about myself. I've been an avid gamer my entire life, playing the original Mario Bros. at the age of two and beating it at the age of three. I began my online gaming addiction in 2003 with Runescape which became my addiction to Final Fantasy XI. That addiction lasted 8 years with splashes of World of Warcraft in the mix. While gaming I recently graduated with a BA in English and Secondary Education, and am now working on my Masters. I began playing LoL roughly tow months ago and have been addicted since.

While playing LoL, I always hoped for a bard class champion, one similar to my bard in FFXI. With the news of Sona I rejoiced and planned to become the best. BELIEVE IT!

Aside from being obsessed with Sona and MMO's, I love crunching numbers. I'm the type of person that wants to understand the mechanics behind my character. I want to know why this piece of gear is better then that type, when the best time to use this ability is, etc. Settling for a "Just put this on and smile" type of answer/guide isn't going to cut it with me, and you'll see my attitude show in this guide.

Sona, the Maven of the Strings

Sona's abilities will be listed, her increments shown, explanation of their power, and information about their usage in this section.

Passive: Power Chord
After casting 3 spells, Sona's next attack deals 24 + 12 x lvl bonus magic damage.

Additionally, Sona's Auras persist for 3 seconds after deactivating and set off a 2 second global cooldown.

Like all of Sona's abilities, Power Chord comes in two parts, one Active and one Passive.
Her active portion is her additional damage bonus she receives. After 3 songs, her next normal attack will deal (Your level x 12)+24 bonus damage. This bonus damage is magical damage, so Power Chord will not pass through Morgana's Black Shield. However, Sona's normal attack damage is still added into the Power Chord, and that is considered physical damage, which will hit Morgana.

Her passive's passive is helpful in group fights. With enough -CDR, you're able to keep all three auras on your team at once. You just need to be quick with the keys!

Q Ability:Hymn of Valor
Sona plays the Hymn of Valor, granting nearby allied champions bonus Damage and Ability Power. Additionally, casting this ability sends out bolts of sound, dealing magic damage to the nearest two enemy champions or monsters.

The Math:

LV1 Hymn of Valor costs 55 mana will do 70+(APx.6) Damage and increase stats by 8
LV2 Hymn of Valor costs 60 mana will do 120+(APx.6) Damage and increase stats by 11
LV3 Hymn of Valor costs 65 mana will do 170+(APx.6) Damage and increase stats by 14
LV4 Hymn of Valor costs 70 mana will do 220+(APx.6) Damage and increase stats by 17
LV5 Hymn of Valor costs 75 mana will do 270+(APx.6) Damage and increase stats by 20
*Valor is on a 7 second cool down*

This is your attack ability as well as an extremely strong harassing tool early on. Upon activation, two bolts of magic damage will be released from Sona to the two nearest targets. Although it says nearest, if an enemy champion is nearby, the spell will prioritize itself to hit the champion instead of a minion. If there are multiple champions nearby, it'll prioritize the two nearest Sona.

The passive portion increases nearby allied champions damage and ability power, depending on level.

As you can see, Valor is an extremely strong ability early on. With the ability to hit two targets for one mana cost, as well as automatically focusing on an enemy over a minion, it becomes a scary fight for your foe. The great thing though about Valor is that the damage isn't instant. It will do the damage once the song hits the enemy, traveling the distance between you to your foe. So if your enemy is tower hugging you can dart in while it's focused on minions, hit your Q when in range of the enemy, then dart out before the song hits them, preventing the tower from even looking at you. If you look at the damage increases, a level three Sona can have LV2 Valor unlocked, doing at least 120DMG to two targets. In most cases, that's a huge chunk of an enemies life at such a low level. Even tank characters begin with roughly 500HP, and by three your looking at maybe up to 800HP. Garen at level three, with no runes, only has 743HP. Toss in a Valor and a Power Chord, and you just dropped your enemy Garen by 1/3 his HP.

W Ability: Aria of Perseverance aka "the Heal button"
Sona plays the Aria of Perseverance, granting nearby allied champions bonus Armor and Magic Resist. Additionally, casting this ability sends out healing melodies, healing Sona and a nearby wounded ally.

The Math:

LV1 Heal costs 55 mana will heal 40+(APx.5)HP and increase stats by 8
LV2 Heal costs 60 mana will heal 65+(APx.5)HP and increase stats by 11
LV3 Heal costs 65 mana will heal 90+(APx.5)HP and increase stats by 14
LV4 Heal costs 70 mana will heal 115+(APx.5)HP and increase stats by 17
LV5 Heal costs 75 mana will heal 140+(APx.5)HP and increase stats by 20
*Perseverance is on a 7 second cool down*

This is the button that will save lives, turn a push into a shove, and have your teammates yelling at you as why you didn't hit it. Upon activation, Sona and most wounded champion that's nearby for a certain amount. The spell automatically targets for you, which is a blessing and a curse in disguise. In large team fights, when people are piled on top of each other, its a blessing to simply hit a button, knowing the person 'needing it most' is getting help. But in team fights or on the run where a team mate is falling behind the group and is getting hit, the cure may decide that the Cho'Gath whose at 1500/3000HP and ahead of you needs it more than the Ezreal whose in trouble at 700/1000HP.

The passive aura grants bonus armor and magic resist, which is awesome since during team fights or on the run cases, heals, armor, and magic resist are always welcomed!

Unlike Soraka or Taric who can 'burst heal' for high numbers, Sona has a relatively weak heal on a decent cool down. Adding AP to benefit this spell is tough since it has a .5 ratio, meaning every 2AP you add to your character, you'll heal for 1 more HP. Even at lower levels, the HP is low for everyone's total HP. The bonus to weigh the issue is the aura effect, effectively making her heal 'stronger than it really is' by lowering any incoming damage.

E Ability: Song of Celerity
Sona plays the Song of Celerity, granting nearby allied champions bonus Movement Speed. Additionally, casting this ability energizes nearby allies with a burst of speed.

The Math:
LV1 Celerity costs 55 mana and increases movement speed by 8% and 8 mov. speed
LV2 Celerity costs 60 mana and increases movement speed by 11% and 11 mov. speed
LV3 Celerity costs 65 mana and increases movement speed by 14% and 14 mov. speed
LV4 Celerity costs 70 mana and increases movement speed by 17% and 17 mov. speed
LV5 Celerity costs 75 mana and increases movement speed by 20% and 20 mov. speed
*Celerity is on a 7 second cool down*

This song affects how fast you move, giving Sona extreme map control when traveling. It is not affected by AP. Upon activation, nearby champions and minions gain an increase movement speed% for 1.5 seconds. The aura gives a constant base movement speed increase to nearby champions. The minions are not affected by the aura, only the activation. This song has so many uses that the aura should constantly be on you once you unlock it. From switching lanes, to pushing a lane, running for your life, running to heal a team mate, running for your life, getting back into the action after a death or a shopping trip, and running for your life, this song helps!

When trying to push a lane, you can activate your song on nearby minions to make them move through the lane faster, helping to create minion pushes or ensuring you'll have a buffer between you and the tower while your team tries to take it down. The activation bonus from this at LV5 Celerity is only 7% less than Ghost. So while running it's best to cycle through your Heal/Celerity to ensure survivability when being chased. Did I mention that you should use Celerity when running for your life?

Ultimate R Ability: Crescendo
Sona plays her ultimate chord, forcing enemy champions to dance, taking magic damage over time.

The Math:

LV1 Crescendo costs 100 mana does 150+(APx.7)DMG and stun targets for 1.5 seconds
LV2 Crescendo costs 150 mana does 250+(APx.7)DMG and stun targets for 1.5 seconds
LV3 Crescendo costs 200 mana does 350+(APx.7)DMG and stun targets for 1.5 seconds.
*With each increase the cool down of Crescendo is reduced by 20 seconds from 160 at LV1*

Sona's ultimate is a linear AoE attack, meaning you can hit multiple targets at once. With that said, it requires practice and a good sense of judgment on when to use Crescendo. The best times to use Crescendo is when you can hit as many people at once, forcing you to be patient. Usually waiting till a team fight begins is a good idea, allowing people to get into position. The enemy DD's will be on top of your team, the mages will be trying to get their kills, and the tank will be in the center of it all. Being able to stun most to the entire enemy team can change the sway of a battle easily. It can also be used as an escape route. If the battle is going sour and your team is backing off, throwing Crescendo puts space between your team and the others. Crescendo, as well as Sona's other abilities, do go through walls. This allows you to rush to help a friend who's running for their life, hitting Heal, Crescendo in the direction of the oncoming enemy, then Celerity to book it! Crescendo should not be used to open a team fight. It has limited range and you want to hit as many people with it. Following with another sun, like Amumu's ultimate, Cho'Gath's stomp, Ashe's Arrow, can cause a chain stun and really hurt an enemy team.


Red- Magic Penetration
Yellow-Cooldown/MP.5/Flat HP
Blue-Cooldown/MP.5/Flat AP
Quint- Flat HP

The magic penetration reds allow your Valor, Crescendo, and Power Chrod's damage to go less resisted. The Yellow and Blue's can lower the recast on your abilities, allowing you to use them more often or increase your mana regeneration. The HP from the Quint's is viable on any champion, especially our squishy Sona with all of her Aura items.

The Flat HP yellows and the Flat AP Blue's are more towards the Tank Build which will be touched on later in the guide, however AP Blue's can be useful for AP Sona if you wish.


On Sona I run a 9/0/21 build, making sure to take Archaic Knowledge for the increased Magic Penetration as well as the bonus to whatever summoner spell I'm running. Make sure to put in as many points to Perseverance and Meditation to keep your regen going strong, as well as Quickness for more map control. Maxing out Sorcery and Intelligence gives you 9% -CDR at the start of the game, allowing you to use your abilities more often!

Skill Build

As I said earlier, Valor's damage is extremely strong early game. As the game progresses, and people begin to get beefier, it starts to wane in power. Taking advantage of it early is strongly suggested. I start with Valor and charge it twice while in base. This allows me to arrive at my lane and normal attack creeps until I see a spot for me to get close to an enemy and use Valor>Power Chord. As I pointed out earlier, at level 3 Garen has 713HP without runes. With our masteries, set and without runes, we'll be doing a 121 LV2 Valor followed by a 118 Power Chord at level 3. That's 1/5th of Garen's HP and with Sona's cool downs it's ready to go again in less then 20 seconds!

Her heal is valuable to have low level, although it doesn't heal for much, it helps. If laning with a partner, it may become a bad habit for your partner to over extend themselves knowing that you are able to cure them. Most of the time however, they don't realize how little it actually does.The amount of damage you do for the amount you heal someone for isn't equal with Sona, her damage is always higher. Explain to your partner that they are actually doing less damage by having to heal them. My normal phrase is, "I'm not your mother. I won't baby you." If you need to heal, make the most out of your heals. Remember that it heals you AND an ally, so harass!

You an put a point into Celerity at any time if you feel it is necessary. I personally don't get it until Valor is capped out. I feel the damage early on really sets the tone for the later game where Celerity will be needed more. Celerity is the last thing I cap out, with Valor first and Perseverance second.

Aura Sona

Aura Sona is the style that focuses on buffs for your team and debuffs for your enemy. This was the first type of build I went with as Sona. You really can't go wrong with this build as it is constantly feeding your team with buffs from yourself and your items. The main focus here is to stack items that affect your team or items that others normally stack to help the team. By taking the Aegis from a tank or the Stark's from a DPS, you allow them more space and gold to focus on something else that might benefit them more, while giving your team the same buff.

Starting items:

Mana Manipulator-Great starting item, especially if you have a lane partner that uses MP.
Boots of Speed-The basic footwear

Core items:
Upgraded Boots- Mercury Tred's or Boots of Swiftness, with Mercury Tred's taking favorite.
Catalyst the Protector-A Great Low-Level item that will keep you in your lane longer and turns into...
Innervating Locket-A nice mixture of HP/Mana/Mana Regen/-CDR and Aura
Soul Shroud-MPRegen and -CDR for the team, Very Nice item with a splash of HP for you
Aegis- A very nice defensive item that buffs your team with +DMG/Armor/MR You'll be at the team fights, so it'll always be active.

Stark's Fervor-Once again you'll be at the fights, giving your team the aura effect, allowing your DPS to pick up more +ASPD or +DMG or whatever their hearts desire.
Abyssal Scepter-Debuffs the enemies Magic Resistance while giving you +AP for Valor and Heal
Will of the Ancients-Makes your mages do more damage as well as giving them +Spell Vamp and you more +AP
Guardian Angel- May force the team to focus on someone else rather than you, meaning your buffs stay on the team longer

AP Sona

AP Sona is basically treated as any other offensive mage in the game. Her AP ratios aren't so hot, with .5 on Heal, .6 on Valor, and .7 on Crescendo, you'll have to focus AP to make the most out of this build. This is also hard since this means a lot of shopping and Sona isn't the best farmer of minions.Your going to have to make every piece of gold count on this build.

Starting items:
Amplifying Tomb-Nice AP and turns into...
Mejia's Soulstealer-Get this item as quickly as possible. Sona may be horrible at killing minions, but she'll get assists easily, racking up stacks on this item. The most bang for your buck with 180AP at full stacks and -15% CDR for roughly 1200G.
Boots of Speed> Sorcerer's Shoes- Magic Penetration for your Valor and Crescendo.

Core items:
Rod of Ages-Get this item quickly as it needs 15mins to charge to its full power.
Archangel's Staff-Easily charged with the amount of abilities used as Sona. Stacking these is not a bad idea either.
Zhyona's Ring-120AP, Increases your AP by 25%, and invincible for 2 seconds. Essential for any mage.

Situational items:
Deathfire Grasp-+AP and Mana Regen is great for Sona, useful active at the start of a team fight.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter-+HP is useful however the slow will only be 15% since Valor and Crescendo are multi-target spells

With a fully charged Soulstealer and a fully charged Rod of Ages, your looking at a 432 Valor per target. AP Build can give you some impressive numbers, but the gold, time, and ability spam needed to pull it off is impressive as well. It's really up to you if you think this build is worth it to you.

'Sona Tank'

This is my own personal build. This is also probably the part most people have wanted to see with their 'WTF' reactions at the thread title. However, reactions aside, I feel that this build is the best for Sona to preform her role in a team setting.

I feel that the beginning of a game is the one of the most crucial moments of the game, rivaling that of the late game time. By keeping an enemy down early on you hinder their leveling, their gold income, and their lane pushing. Being said, I am extremely aggressive when I play Sona, throughout the entire match. Sona has the a very strong attack ability, the ability to heal herself, the ability to reposition herself quickly, and the ability to stun enemies as an offensive and defensive mechanism. This makes her longevity in the lane nearly infinite, maintaining her presence to prevent opponents from advancing and her strong harassing to advance.

As the game progresses, I get a feel for what is coming at my team. Is it mostly Magical? Physical? Both? These questions help me decide my situational gear choices. However every piece of gears adds to my longevity in the fights.With my build, my HP is close, if not higher than some tanks. With the ability to cure myself constantly, that HP can be theoretically increased as well.

The idea of being a tank though comes with some sort of crowd control technique, or a way to have enemies attack you. Amumu has his Ultimate to stun enemies and his bandage toss to bring himself closer to you. Gallio has his Ultimate to taunt you, and his Bulwark to reduce damage and heal himself, his Whirlwind for his team to catch up to an enemy on the run, and his Blast to slow enemies. Mordekaiser has the ability to generate a shield with his damage, increasing his longevity. Rammus has increased defense and the ability to taunt enemies.

Sona, has the artificial taunt that 'she's the healer and needs to go down first!'. The idea of a squishy healer makes an enemy wet their lips and go after Sona. The ability to heal herself and an ally at the same time on a short cool down keeps herself and the team on the front lines. Her Celerity allows her and her team to catch up/run away/reposition themselves in battle easily. Her Valor does enough damage that it simply can't go unnoticed for too long before it begins to become lethal, especially to squishies. All of these abilities also buff her team, making her a prime target for the other team to take out. Realistically, taking out Sona makes you do more damage to her team and you take less damage.

I don't want to confuse anyone with the idea that I'm proclaiming Sona as the newest Amumu/Mord when it comes to tanking. Sona Tank is the process of stacking HP/Armor/Magic Resistance so you are simply harder to kill in battle and are able to stay int he fight much longer. The fact that the opposing team will have to come after you, if they aren't already focusing you as is, will make you a 'tank'.


Reds-Magic Penetration
Yellows-Flat HP
Blues-Flat Ability Power
Quints- Flat HP

This setup allows me to harass early game. As I said earlier, the early game phase sets the tone for the rest of the match. Keeping the enemy down early will guarantee an easy win. With the Blue AP runes, Valor hits two targets for over 80DMG each every cast at Level 1. That's 1/5th the HP of any champion and include Power Chord and your dropping Ezreal/Ashe/Twitch/Teemo to half health in the first 30 seconds of battle. The HP runes, along with my Doran's Ring (Scroll down for item build), puts me at 715HP, normally more than any beefy character at this level.


Doran's Ring and a Health potion are my starting items.

I take Health Potion over Mana Potion because I need some sort of HP regen that is mana-free. As I stated earlier, the mana spent on a heal is no where near the amount of damage you do for the same amoutn of MP. I focus as much MP as possible into Valor, harassing as much as possible. Remember, even if you're unable to kill your enemy, forcing them to tower hug makes it difficult for them to gain gold with last hits, thus starving them of gold. Tower hugging, as stated earlier in this guide, will also allow me to harass with the delay on Valor's damage. By darting in and out of tower range, I can effectively damage my enemy and force them to Recall, buying me time to focus on the tower. The Doran's Ring gives me a nice HP bonus, almost equal to the amount from runes, +AP so valor hits harder, and MP Regen which is always nice.

Boots of Speed> Mercury Treds=1200G

Movement speed is my next purchase. This allows me to harass, dodge, and move across the map easily. I always get Mercury Treds as Sona simply because at some point in the game I'll have a debuff on me that I want off as quickly as possible. Mercury Treds also work on Ultimates, especially Gallio's taunt which allows me to escape the circle before the damage is applied to me. The +Magic Resist is also nice as it helps set up your defense against other champions.

Catalyst the Protector>Rod of Ages=3035G

This is the first big item I buy and the only reason I buy it early is that ti needs 15 minutes to be fully charged. Rushing it allows me to build the bonuses early while getting the early bonuses of of Catalyst while leveling to increase my longevity in the lane. As well as the increased AP in the early stage of the match to maximize my damage early on. Fully charged, it gives you 650HP, 725MP, and 80AP. All lovely things for Sona.

Mana Manipulator>Giant's Belt>Soul Shroud=2285G

This item allows me to keep my Mana Regen for myself, as well as my team. But most importantly, it gives my team -15% CDR enabling all of us to maximize our damage. The additional HP is just an extra boost for this build. With Soul Shroud, mastery points, and Blue Golem Buff, your hitting capped -CDR.

Spirit Visage=1250G

A boost to HP and MR is always nice, but the -CDR and the +20% to healing on yourself is the real attraction. Every time your curing someone, your also curing yourself. With this, you get the extra 20% every time which adds up quickly. With Soul Shroud, Masteries, and this your hitting -36% Cool Downs. Only 4% away from cap which is negligible, especially since you'll be getting blue buff every time it's up.

Guardian's Angel=2600G

Obviously nice for any champion to have, especially a mage. Once the enemy realizes how much your supporting your team, you'll become quickly focused. Being able to get up with an extra 750HP and quickly cure yourself really helps your team and infuriates the opposing team. It also allows you to stay in the fight with many AoE's. The extra Armor and Magic Resistance always helps.

The above is your core build as Sona Tank, costing you just over 10,000G. Without any elixirs and only the above, your hitting 3,427HP and 1800 Mana with 36% CDR, making your abilities a 4.2 second timer. Your Valor hits for 343 DMG each target, you heal for 201 to an ally and 241 to yourself(Spirit Visage's effect), and Crescendo hits for 436DMG. You have 134 Armor and 130 Magic resistance.

At this time, if the game is even going on this long, I'll sell the Doran's Ring and replace it with either Banshee's Veil if its a Magic based team or a Thornmail if its more melee based. To maximize HP and usefulness, Banshee's Veil + Elixir of Fortitude puts you at 4,100HP.

Doran's ring is really a great piece throughout the game, making all three of its stats useful to Sona. Don't feel the need to get rid of it ASAP. Do NOT get Warmog's Armor. Obviously it gives the most HP, however it requires minion killing since you'll not be getting many champion kills late game. Sona is horrible at killing minions, making Warmog's less useful then another choice.

As for summoner spells, I bring Clarity and Flash to the team, with mastery points in both to ensure I'm giving my team MP when I use clarity and a quicker Flash cool down. With this build, and Clarity to back me up, it turns any push into a big shove against the enemy team.


I hope you enjoyed reading my guide and I hope you were able to take something useful from it. Whether your looking for a new build, a better understanding of Sona's abilities, or were simply bored, I hope you found what you were looking for.

Any comments, suggestions, tips, and/or strategies for Sona are welcomed as the more information on the champion in a guide, the better for the reader!

PS: if you're going to comment on how 'Sona Tank' doesn't work, please check my Match History then post. ^_^

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Interesting Analysis. I also have a Tank Sona build, however it focuses on Soul Shroud and Aegis. I'll definitely have to look into Spirit Visage.

Not to ignore the rest of the guide, but I must refute when you say that Sona is terrible at killing minions... WAT? Every wave, starting at level 1, you should have at least 3 minions killed early game, without waiting to last hit with auto attack. Easily.

Now, I still disagree with Warmogs, as you said, however, with max CDR (or close to it) late game you should be destroying waves.

Shes a really good pusher (just lacks tower damage, unless youre doing the lichbane/aa thing).

Just IMHO.

Thanks again though for the breakdown and info. I might jump back on later and discuss more Sona-Tank with you later.

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Also used to starting with Mana Gem. Might give Dorans a try, but I dont see why Blue gem into catalyst wouldnt help you out sooner...unless you dont go back for your first buy till later, then I could see that.

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I find that unless you go AP Sona, you'll never 1 shot a minion, even casters, with Valor. This requires you to auto-attack them down. Early on, my focus is straight harassing. I'll sit on Valor and Power Chord waiting to use it on my enemy. Having to recharge a Power Chord I used on a minion instead of a champion is wasted time and mana in my eyes. Especially if I'm laning with a carry I bow out to the minion kill shots.

When soloing middle lane, I keep my focus on harassing the champion. That mid champion is worse off then if they were in a side lane with an aggressive Sona. Many times in my middle lane experiences I'll be sitting with a minion wave and a half beating on me as I'm chasing down an enemy. I'll just retreat behind the tower, swing around, and come right back at the champion. This allows for me to have more zone control. By pushing the enemy back from the minions he's unable to damage the tower, unable to damage myself, and unable to gain exp.

I focus on the kills and the assists to earn my gold, as like I said, Valor & Auto attacks are too slow/important to waste on minions.

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Some good sona info. Scary how well tank Sona works, people still focus her, and she wins the game.

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i have to critisize the tank build for assuming you can get golem buff all the time...thats simply not the case. It takes Sona a LONG time to focus down the golem by herself and oftentimes someones else, namely your jungler, will be taking golem for themselves, and rightly so.

Im assuming you play at mid or low elo where you can get it all the time??

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I have used this build as well since the day she came out with very few variations. It is great. Sure, I get games where I just can't do much at all, depending on the other team's aggressiveness and daring toward me. I get gangplank's ult in front of the turret, then two champs diving behind my turret just to kill me
I don't find it difficult to get the golem buff, mainly because I queu with my Mordekaiser. Morde and Sona laning together is just awesome, and every time the buff is up, we both go to get it for me, takes no time at all.
Having max cdr is sweet as can be, and the mana regen of the golem buff is insane along with it. I can spam everything one after another just about. I can get out of most tight spots with much grumbling from opposing team...
Overall, Sona is great if played to maximize her abilities. You can tell a noob Sona, trying to be carried from a really good one. I am at every team fight, maybe not being around for at most 3 kills altogether. I generally have as many assists as the team has kills, minus those I take down myself.
One thing though, I don't bother with GA. Guardian Angel makes you more of a target in my opinion and experience simply because you have to be killed twice to get someone a kill...and they want that kill badly.
Anyway, thanks for the guide, nice to see the numbers crunched.

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just a question...

i've never played a tank sona before. i've always been playing something a hybrid sort of sona before with the following build:

doran's ring
boots of swiftness
shurelya's revelrie
(if im feeling good/lucky)mejai's soulstealer

and usually either one of:
rod of ages
archangel's staff
zhonya's ring

im quite tempted to try a tank sona build, but im not sure if it will net wins (part of having never actually tested one before, and also part of a desire to win games with old tricks rather than try new things and lose). would this work in ranked games and that sort?

P.S. i've never played in ranked games before, im not yet at lv30, and do not have full runes and masteries

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I almost always play Sona as an offtank too... It works great for me...
But I get TOTALLY different items.

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Cadaver Cannon



I love this build. It works especially well when the enemy doesn't realize what items you're building. It work well either way though. Though I will say you do have to be a little more frugal with your spells if you can't get golem buff, but it's usually not an issue.