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Ranked rollback? Numbers dont add up.

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Guy Sifu

Junior Member


So I played a ranked match a few hours back as my 10th placement match. I got to 1629 elo before I logged off and was done for the day. When i logged back on, my elo went back down to 1529. On my solo que page, it says that i have 8 wins and 1 loss when i actually have 9 wins and 1 loss. If you go to my ranked stats page, it says 9 wins and 3 losses ( 2 losses from team ranked and 0 wins from team ranked) Which means that my solo que should be 9 wins and 1 loss instead of 8 wins and 1 loss, and my elo should be 1629 isntead of 1592. Also, the ryze stats that i had from the 10th placement match are still within the ranked page as well as the match history. So.....what happened? X_X