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I have had a problem where my game stop's and Repeatidly say's Attempting to recconect.
Then i try the following
1-Leaving game and pressing reconnect(freeze's on reconnect button)
2-Closing Client(stop's at username)
3-Restarting router(stops at start)

I know this problem is not mine
1-im on this forum
2- i can play battelfield fine
3-Page's load intantly(meaning no drop's in the line causeing this)

I have lost 3 ranked game's because of this now..And this is starting to rather annoy me.I have only play'd 16 Ranked game's and was thinking..Thust this is not my problem i can get a ranked stat's reset..And it's only 16 game's..I believe this seems fair..i would previde screen's but they do not want to upload cause of size..

Ps:this happend b4 the Notification of this problem appeard on the client

Thank you for the help