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IP purchase bug

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Terrible Guy



Last night I went to go make a purchase at 1:40 CST of 3 +1 Gold Quints. I made the purchase while I had 4276 IP.

Soon as I made the purchase, which did give me the DONE screen. I went to my rune pages to assign the new runes. However, when I got there and checked for the new quints I bought, they were not showing up in my list. I was like, "Huh... guess something happened."

I look at my IP total and it still showed as having 4276 IP.

So I did what anyone else would do, went to go try it again. I head back to the purchase runes tab. I make the same purchase. I go back to the rune assignment page and see again that my runes are not there. I see my IP total on the screen still at 4276. I am going, "That's strange, first time I may have forgot something or wasn't paying attention or something but not the second time."

So I head back to the Rune purchase tab and again try to buy the same runes again. This time I noticed that int he rune purchase tab, while it stated I had Zero of the runes I was looking to purchase, it showed the IP I could use to make the purchase was at 1186 in the little popup window. This was despite the total in the top of the client showing 4276 still.

So I decided to check my purchase tab for refunds and no purchases are showing there.

I then relog everything and see if that fixes it. It did in a way. I now have all the purchases gone through. Unfortunately I now have too many quints of 1 type and wasted IP. The purchase tab will not let me have a refund of those quints I purchased despite the system causing the bug to make me over buy them.