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Massive Re connection bugs and no Riot Staff has commented

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Psycho Dengada

Senior Member


I find it a little disturbing that they say they fixed the problem's but in the end result your looking at thousand's probably ten's of thousands of players who are now stuck on a reconnect screen and for a while now no Riot Staff has commented. It's concerning when such a major problem is outright being ignored even a simple post like hey guy's we know we are looking into it or something.

If you have Reconnect bug please make it known and explain how it happened maybe we can get some attention if we band together.

Clicked Join Normal Match Blind Pick Qued for 5 minutes tried to leave que said already in game Exited LoL Client, Re opened client logged in came across reconnect screen Clicked Button went Grey Waited 2 minutes Restarted Repeated same results.