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that I have yet to play my 10 placement cause I end up dodging.. for example my last game (myy absolute favorite) Im 2nd pick.. so I wait for 1st pick to call.. 4 pick speaks up "top" 1st pick speaks up "mid" so I call top.. 2nd pick.. way of the world tough love. Im last pick 3/5 of my games and I adapt or leave. Kid proceeds to talk about how hard he is going to feed and how awesome its going to be making all of our elos drop.. Everyone on the team is pissed @ him, backing me that it goes by pick.. suck it up or stay in randoms. Eventually I wait till the count down and dodge. my 3rd game dodged today because I cant seem to get a non troll. I love paying the price for **** heads , feeders, cry babies, ppl who think teemo goes in every lane and actually brings something to the team, Soraka ADCs.. awesome stuff like that. So I want to say thank you riot.. for punishing ME for someone else having attitude .. put a ****ing vote kick in champ select that boots out the person voted, drops everyone back to que, put the ban on the TROLL voted out This is getting old quick. s3 just started and I spend more time playing my smurf/other games than playing my main that I worked so hard to level and prepare for.