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I'm getting 3+ minute queue times in blind pick, so I play Elise and Heimer

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The Iron Back

Senior Member


To lower my normal Elo.

Nope, can't have that happen. Gotta have some stupid tryhards carry. First game, jungle Elise, our super-tryhard Blitzcrank/Ezreal bot lane takes a dump on the enemy botlane, Zilean just bends Ziggs over a barrel, and the only lane that wasn't winning by itself, top, was an easy gank since Rengar kept pushing Shen up to tower without warding and I got oracle's. Surrender at 20.

Second game, Heimer. Our Vayne gets 3 kills and an assist before minions spawn, and bot lane just snowballs from there. Our Darius just kept tower-diving the enemy Shen with the money he got from first blood and got 6 kills before taking the tower. Another surrender at 20.

**** all of you tryhards.