I always win lanes but lose games

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I got gold last season, but I didn't do it winning the lane. I will estimate I lost my lane 40-50% tied about 30-40% and won 10-20%. You may be wondering how did I get gold then. I won through superior team fighting abilities. One of my favorite champs is Wukong. I don't see a lot of Wu players because he can only win against about 20% of popular top champs and will lose hard to about a third of them, but this is not a bad thing. When picking champs you have to consider how they scale more than how hard they can win the lane. Wu is one of the best top champs late game because of his kit and how well he scales. I can do with just as much if not more with Wu late game than I could with lee with only 80% of the gold. This means that often just not feeding is winning the lane even if you are behind on farm. In solo que players don't have the cooperation to take the nexus by 30 mins. Even a fed team will usually have only the outer towers down by 20 mins. This is why late game champs like Amumu, Hec, and Wu have high win rates in solo que. I consider winning the lane to only be about 25% of the game. Pick champs that can carry, not just ones you can win the lane with and you will surely win more games.

PS: When I say carry I mean win more games with not do the most damage. I'd rather play a champ that did absolutely no damage but stunned the entire enemy team for 10 seconds every 60 seconds than a champ that could one shot any champ every 60 seconds

EDIT: If I actually had the skills to win the lanes I'd be plat or higher by now. I am carrying myself with knowledge not skill.