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With all the genius things you've done as far as game improvements go, I am baffled as to how you have not figured out a better system for determining overall ranking in 5s.

Last season I played nearly 750 ranked games and never got past 1260.

Oh I must be bad. Nope.
If I played that many games then that was my appropriate skill level placement. Wrong again.

Each and EVERY time I got to a point where I was praying to break out of that elo of 90% garbage players. Mass d/cs, rage quits, our bot gives up first blood so top says something to him so he proceeds to feed the other team 13 kills. There was one time when I was 1260 I had people on my team d/c or afk after character select for 8 out of 10 games lol. This is absolutely obscene. And carrying 4v5s with these brain dead idiots is nearly impossible.

So now the new season has started and I got my long awaited elo reset. I've improved a lot since last season but apparently I still can't carry the dead weight of these kids even with 15+ kills and under 3 deaths in most games.

I had 3 people d/c in placement matches. Two people intentionally fed after being called out by another lane/jungler for being bad. 3 people afk'd in the fountain after giving up first blood or because they were getting dominated in lane. So I end up with a record of 2-8.
and now that my placement matches have ended and I win 8 or 9 in a row what happens?

Our Cho feeds top 13 kills and starts trolling other lanes taking their cs because they said something to him. My 9-1 Vlad can't kill their entire team alone.

A kid picks jungle and d/cs because he wanted top instead.

My bot lane feeds Ezreal at least 10+ kills a game in lane phase.

So I'm stuck in hell again.

This system is beyond stupid.

Its a system that punishes an entire team for an individuals terrible play. Granted everyone has a bad game now and then, but seriously think of a different way to assess what is taking place in games and reward those players for it.

If I'm top I can't constantly be going bot to babysit because both our jungler and adc/support have no clue how to play. I can't be everywhere at once helping everyone and in this system if you have a bad player it punishes you for that. Elo is a fine system for solo play, but absolute garbage in regards to team play.

Ranked 5s are anti-fun. There are rarely ever close games where each team has competent players. Its the luck of the draw on who gets the idiot and who gets fed by said idiot. It is really not an enjoyable experience in a game I'd like to continue to play. But if something doesn't change here in season three...I'm going to lose a lot of respect for this company.