League of Legends Sonnet

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Lord of the Meme



Tanner Morgan

Welcome to the summoners rift, you have thirty seconds until minions spawn,
I rush to camp at blue waiting for Luxs leash,
But nothing is to give and as soon as the creeps hit her lane she’s gone.
Unsurprisingly she gives first blood to Malzahar as he devours her like a particularly delicious quiche.

Top lane fares no better as Rumble loses to Akali who he naturally counters,
Maokai my favourite jungler can scarce clear his camps as within my jungle Lee Sin lies,
deciding he’s tough enough Graves rushes in to him for an encounter.
And for the third time dies.

My team's a lost cause we all call GG as Malzahar asks “U mad?” mockingly,
I just confide myself to our top lane as the QQing Rumble already left the game,
Lux is cursing up a storm raging at the team pathetically.
why are all these terrible teams exactly same?

At the twenty minute mark we surrender,
Naturally so the blame falls on me the jungler.


Feed back would be nice, I need this for a class of mine. I realise that the beat is off but I feel it gets better around the last few stanzas.