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Looking for competitive jungler for semi-competitive ranked 5v5

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I am currently constructing a ranked 5v5 team that has some serious potential (not to be pro or anything but for fun) and our roster currently consists of:

JapaneseTsnumani (Support) ~2050 elo solo queue before rest
MatthewCovert (Top Lane/Mid) ~ 1700 elo solo queue
Chao8 (Ad Carry/mid) ~ 2100 elo
HippySnorlaxx (Top Lane/ad) ~ 1700 elo.

Feel free to lolking.net us for stats.
Other roles are open as well as some of these players arent so reliable in terms of schedules.

Remember elo is just a number and doesnt really reflect true skill.
So, as long as you are above 1650 ish and main jungle and are interested, feel free to add me or respond, or any other role for that matter.