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This is a discussion based on a post that I had seen at a site called "surrenderat20", a site used to get the latest information on league of legends. This is directly discussing about season 2 awards, and not only what I thought about them, but what other people thought about the season 2 rewards that were given. My topic is in regards to Yegg and his thoughts on the in-game border that was awarded to those who played a ranked queue. He discusses about the awards and dangers of the what I like to call "In-game Ranked Border Award" and how "toxicity" may and can take a role into the reward. For more information on thoughts quoted by him, please visit:


Now, at first I thought that it was a great idea, the gold border showed what I deserved in that queue and it was cool to see. However, the more and more games that I played I notice that it started to appear as:

A way to belittle another player.
An expectation of another player.
A way to intimidate other players.
Others were upset that they didn't an award.

Now I want to address that I'm not insulted by the award (However on the contrary, I received one), i'm just thinking about other people. For instance, in my queue's people were and are doing the following:

Players who are in my queues vary from gold, silver, and platinum with rare occasions of diamond players, all of season 2.

If one tier is higher than the other, summoners use it as a way to insult other summoners if they aren't performing to one's expectations.

If a player gets a tier that is substantially greater than theirs, they have a expectation that they are to perform at a extremely high skilled level which may not always be the case.

The Solution: I feel that in order to resolve this issue, the border should be removed in compensation of another award that isn't as revealing to the entire community in-game. As some may disagree, I feel that even thought it's a cool reward, it's a little too much for the community (as a whole) to accept as an award. Take into consideration (for those who have this award) that not everyone has it, and not everyone has the same award. I would suggest Bringing back the trim on avatars because it was a way to show you, your friends, and players checking your profile what you've done. I would also suggest that Noticing that there's an achievements tab on each summoners profile, that you would add multiple achievements and start using that tab as a way to distribute how much that summoner has accomplished.

Some of those achievements can be distributed as:

This summoner has reached level 30
This summoner has won over (500, 1000, 1500, 2000, ect.) normal games.
This summoner has recieved (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond) tier (1,2,3,4,5,ect.) in Season (1,2) solo que.
This summoner has recieved (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond) tier (1,2,3,4,5,ect.) in Season (1,2) 5x5 ranked queue.
This summoner has recieved (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond) tier (1,2,3,4,5,ect.) in Season (1,2) 3v3 ranked queue.

And you can even work off of just a few examples that I mentioned which you may already have had this in mind. I also had a idea that maybe (after the game has been completed) that you can make an achievements button to see what they have accomplished, next to one of the honor, report, ect. buttons. Maybe even a little picture of a trophy and it can show what they have accomplished in case people are curious and don't want to necessarily look on their profile.

Now for everyone elses part, it is your job to keep this thread alive, and show what you think so that Riot can hear what you have to say. If you let your voice be heard, Riot will know what you think, not saying anything isn't the answer, SPREAD THE WORD.

TL;DR: Make your voice heard, say your thoughts on the season 3 awards.